What are you doing this weekend? Is life less interesting now?

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  • sister rebelious
    sister rebelious

    This is my first post on JWD....

    It seems like an easy place to start..... I am in the process of being disfellowshipped for the second time.

    My weekends are my own now and I love that. I keep waiting for all the catasrophic, painful attacks of the "outside world" to hit me......... but guess what? They aren't there. Life without guilt and attempts to assasinate my character is so peaceful. I was so lonely as a JW. The lack of acceptance alone is enough to make you crazy. I have finally accepted myself for who I am .... and I like me. I am not a horrible person because I quit attending meetings and going in service........ I am not even a horrible person because I smoke. I was a horrible person for pretending for too long. I have lost my parents and brother and sister in the process....... which is hard to deal with, but I have expressed my openness to them for those relationships to be rekindled. I have my boys, who are also disfellowshipped. We are a great support for each other.

    So this weekend is relaxing..... one of my sons has gone to visit my oldest son at college for the weekend. I have recently become re-aquainted with some of my friends who have also left the organization and we will probably have a drink or two tonight. I also have a wonderfully compassionate man who I will undoubtedly spend the rest of the weekend with.

    Its just living life..... doing the things I need and want to do....... and not worrying, feeling guilty or second guessing myself all the time.

    I hope you all have a peaceful weekend. I'm glad to be here.

  • OpenFireGlass

    ummmm... Tryin' to stay outta' trouble... but that's no fun (runs off to find trouble... LOL)

    Hey, welcome to the board "sister rebellious"... What's in a name?... lol... now I'm making trouble... hee hee

  • BizzyBee
    But none of you guys seem to be doing anything to help other people. I am not complaining about my life now but it is different. I used to think that being a JW gave me the opportunity to be with the elderly and sick in the congregation and to be there as a support and example for others. Perhaps I need to do some voluntary work.

    'Scuse me, eyeslice, but we didn't mention what we had for breakfast either, because that wasn't what you asked. If you specifically asked how we contribute to helping the people around us, you might have gotten that type of answer. You also gave us an example of what you were looking for:

    Me? I have businesses to see to tomorrow (Saturday) then perhaps I will go out for a few beers with my wife n Saturday night. Sunday, catch up on a bit of paperwork and then perhaps watch the football (soccer) on the TV at our local pub.

    Was this a set-up? Quite frankly, and this has been commented on ad nauseum, most of us didn't see much help extended in the congos toward the sick and elderly or others in need. So if that is what you experienced as a JW, you are in the minority.

  • Dansk


    Hi Eyeslice,

    I'm here listening to David Gray's album, White Ladder. Been painting a bedroom because LT is coming to stay for the Aposta Curry!

    It's great having normal family weekends!


  • sister rebelious
    sister rebelious

    Thanks for the welcome(s)...... I'm glad to know there are so many others like me...

    I wanted to answer the second part of the question above: Is life less interesting now? Less drama, maybe, but less interesting..... are you kidding?!?! It seems to me that the relief that comes from being myself is so liberating that my life, by natural progession continues to become MORE interesting and fun.

    It is a wonderful thing to live my own life and do things that I want to do without being constantly warned that a trap lies just ahead....... or that I don't have the brains to stay out of "trouble".

    ........ sister rebelious..... just a name I picked up along the way LOL

  • kitten whiskers
    kitten whiskers

    Hi! No, I wouldn't say life is less interesting. I am having a hard time making new friends. (stay at home mom, newer to this area) But I have much more time to read freely. Take kids to library for story hour. Less yelling and worry/hurry to eat and get to meeting on time, therefore, time to actually TALK to and LOVE my family. Put the kids in a community play over summertime (2 weeks of rehearsals and show). Our son has the opportunity to start T-ball this spring (daughter too if she wants). There is more opportunity to explore things without GUILT.

    This weekend: Family time. Movie at home, board/card game. Looking through catalogs to circle things i would like for my birthday or xmas! First time I've had a b-day since i was 9. (Walked the JW line as a little girl but non-jw dad made sure we had xmas and bday till we told him---out of fear and guilt---we wouldn't do it anymore. Yeah! Fun to think about and plan. Spending time on here! Oh, and were in the south so we are going to the Waffle House for breakfast.

    Kitten Whiskers

    P.S. WELCOME SISTER REBELLIOUS! Didn't we have a ministry school talk together once? Maybe that sister doubtful or sister materialistic? lol Seriously, I LOVE that name! That just cracks me up!

  • Purza

    Welcome Sister Rebelious

    I have to say life is MUCH MORE interesting now. For example, today we were invited to a special event at a winery and we went. We didn't have to worry about going out in service and then figuring out how much being micromanaged.

    And I learned a bit about how to pare wine with cheese. We had a grand ole time and I truly appreciate my life now more than I ever did as a dub.


  • mouthy


    Granny Grace,

    Did you behave yourself at such a gathering?Juni!!!! I fell while I was going to the john while I was there So I think folks thought I had been drinking. Honest I had not had a drop!!! I am teatotoller .. But the concert was WONDERFUL I am so proud that some one can leave a cult & make something of her life It is 1.00 p.m. & I am JUST getting in. Had to come on line & see what all my kids on here are up to. So happy we have more newbies....

    Good Night & God Bless you all....

  • juni

    Welcome Sister Rebellious! I'm happy that you joined us and are enjoying your life w/your kids. There are SO MANY wonderful people here. We have a lot of fun and help each other by giving support.


    Hi Granny!

    Sounds like you had a good time. I was only foolin w/ya. Hope you've recovered from your fall. We enjoy all of the wisdom you have to offer to us rebellious kids. We need all the help we can get since we left our dysfunctional "mother".


  • mouthy

    We need all the help we can get since we left our dysfunctional "mother".

    Blimey!!!! dont look to me I was in it longer than most were. But I love ya for saying it

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