What are you doing this weekend? Is life less interesting now?

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  • south african beef
    south african beef

    No life is much more interesting now. Weekends are normally taken up with seeing the neighbours, washing our cars, gardening ( actually sounds boring all of this but it isn't). Yesterday I went to the Emirates Stadium in north London to watch Arsenal Football Club beat some northern minor team called Sheffield something or other 3-0. The Emirates Stadium is fantastic - in fact it's not a stadioum but a five star hotel which happens to have 60,000 seats! The weekend when I had to get up for field service, spend at least an hour trudging up and down some dreary street which felt like I was doing it all day, then field service again on sunday followed by a two hour meeting at the KH in which I swear time stands still during the public talk, then by the time you finally got home and ate then got the kids to bed it was time to go to work on monday again. Thanks but no thanks to all that again - give me car washing or gardening any day!

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