If this doesn't scream mind control, nothing will

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  • OpenFireGlass

    ummmm.. You failed to put a disclaimer at the top of the page warning us to grab a barf-bag, before reading...

    Thanks Alot, Mike

  • Tutle

    Mind control and punkin' puke!

  • I quit!
    I quit!

    Poor kid. At some point she will be writing the final verse which may go something like this:

    And when I'm done with all this stuff

    Jehovah shouts not good enough

  • Sunspot
    I heard of many stories from my teens about such "theocratic examples". Some will do this sort of stuff to make others think that they are spiritual minded, but they actually do just the opposite when no one is around. Many fall for it; I know I did.


    Have you got THAT right!!!! Having four teens of my own (back in the 70's) in the WTS environment---I saw and heard some shocking stories that happened to some of those "ideal JW teens"---some of these stories were involved my own kids! It made me see that many times, all was NOT what it appeared to be....with teens AND adults!

  • Sunspot

    And when I'm done with all this stuff

    Jehovah shouts not good enough

    True----but painful!

    THAT was spot ON!

  • jgnat

    I like Kid-A's better. Especially the frontal cortex part.

  • M.J.

    What's worse is, you can probably expect this one to make the rounds on email. I wonder if this will hit my wife's inbox.

  • jambon1
    To put an end to a malicious story

    To not think about how a bad one treated,

    me, myself, I got unheated,

    So go ahead, give me another kick in the balls,

    I`ll thank you, as I pass in the Kingdumb Hall!

  • Pistoff

    Over and over again, even when I was attending meetings, I noticed that parts focused on discussing what we would do *if* we were devoted, wholesouled, etc.

    It was as if the subject for discussion was what behavior would we pursue to show we were a whole souled worshipper of Jehovah.

    Then, and now, I see it as completely backwards. I don't know what I believe of the bible but I do believe that the process was different from this technical, soulless approach.

    Jesus' followers internalized his messages, and how they acted was not a huge subject for analysis, at least until the writings of Paul.

    They believed, and acted accordingly.

    They treated each other kindly, cared for their families, even showed love for their enemies.

    As opposed to the endlessly micromanaged behavior of today's witness:

    Grooming requirements
    Hourly requirements.
    Watch that music!
    No association with worldy relatives, and especially disfellowshipped relatives.
    5 meetings per week; prepare for them all, comment (not too long, or too short, in your own words, don't answer the B part, etc.)
    No large gatherings!
    You are responsible for someone if they get drunk at your house (complete hogwash).
    NO LARGE GATHERINGS!! Do you hear us YET??
    No blood, or blood substitutes, period.
    Ok some blood products, including vaccinations, serums, albumin.
    OK, now more blood products, including hemoglobin.
    NO alternative military service, unless it is your sentence.
    OK, now you can do alternative military service.
    Ok, just don't talk about your oral sex.
    NO ORAL SEX, it's perverted.
    Never mind about it, don't ask, don't tell.
    4 different categories for relationships: loose conduct, porneia, wickedness, weakness..what am I missing? oh yeah, all or any of the above WITH GREEDINESS.

    Whew, what am I missing?

    Help me, add your own behavior controls

  • Mary
    To repress all thought of sinful sex To avoid the use of my frontal cortex To accept freddy franz' twisted translation To become a martyr for his printing corporation To plug myself in at the kingdumb hall To think happy thoughts behind my glazed eyeballs.....

    LMFAO @ Kid-A's poem!

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