If this doesn't scream mind control, nothing will

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  • zagor

    Many organizations would love to try to influence you and get control of your life. The difference is in the level of invasiveness. When you measure many organizations, bodies political or religious groups against that benchmark only few would come to the top including nazi and communist totalitarian governments and WTBS. One thing that these fellows know full well is that their biggest assets are young and impressible minds and as long as they have them that will insure their organization?s survival.
    You see some of the most heinous deeds done in conc-camps in WW2 where done not by old farts (who were good at talking) they were done by young, simple-minded and eager to please still half children with fire in their bellies. Which is why something so heartfelt as that poem could not be so easily written by someone in GB for instance.

    Kids will have such eagerness for almost anything that their guardians and people they look-up to are involved in, in this case it?s misplaced devotion to a religious organization.

  • aniron

    It would be interesting to know in 5 years time where and what that kid is.

    I've known many a young JW 14/15 yr old display such sentiments. Most of them are no longer JW's.

    One young girl I knew when she was 14 was so full of being a JW, she could have easily written that poem.

    I met the girl a couple of years ago, and she was a pole/lap dancer and a single parent.

    It even surprised me.

    Its something I've noticed that the young ones who expressed being all for Jehovah and the WT organisation. Have been the ones who have fallen away.

  • Joe Grundy
    Joe Grundy

    But hopefully, in a few years,

    After all the pain and tears

    I'll look back with opened eyes

    And that's when I will realise

    What the Watchtower did to me

    I'm not the girl that I could be.

    I can't forget, I won't forgive,

    My revenge will be to LIVE.

  • JWdaughter

    That poor kid. "To prove that we're Christians who love one another"

    Some of the things she said were not horrid, but so many, many just made my teeth grind. That she has a good heart and wants to do 'right' is so wonderful, but that she thinks those are the things that will accomplish it makes me so very sad. Someone mentioned the 'two greatest commandments'. Maybe she should be sent that in response for a little perspective. She has really taken her koolaid, huh?

  • cognizant dissident
    cognizant dissident

    To trust in Jah, so he won't get mad

    To hope and pray that I'm not bad

    To have buzzards picking my bones clean

    Come on now, that's just mean!

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