If this doesn't scream mind control, nothing will

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  • restrangled

    This poem was written by a 15 year old JW to encourage one of my younger relatives to get back to the KH.

    To get to the meeting ahead of time.
    To make our way to the counter to get in line
    To raise our hand and comment at every meeting
    To welcome strangers with a greeting
    To visit a sick one and encourage
    To av speech that will discourage
    To strive for all the fruits to display
    To always see the need to pray
    To help clean the Kingdom Hall
    To surprise someone with a telephone call
    To place a book with the use of Scriptures
    To teach your child with the use of pictures
    To come to the aid of those who lack
    To read the magazines from front to back
    To correctly fill out time blanks
    To welcome the speaker and tell him thanks
    To greet one another with a smile
    To work on that great big magazine pile
    To put an end to a malicious story
    To seek the Kingdom first and not to worry
    To answer mildly when someone mocks
    To not forget that contribution box
    To keep my Bible and book bag clean and neat
    To occasionally take a front row seat
    To really rehearse my student talk
    To watch how we speak and how we walk
    To forgive and forget the fault of our brother
    To prove that we're Christians who love one another
    To work house to house with the circuit overseer
    To get that "seven times" prophecy clear
    To prepare my assignment well in advance
    To show a quiet and mild spirit, the truth to enhance
    To share an experience I had in the field
    To study and build up strong faith as a shield
    To be at the circuit assembly for each session
    To strive to make true peace my possession
    To speak consolingly to all depressed
    To actually apply what the WT stressed
    To offer a ride to our brother without
    To find out what our young ones are thinking about
    To use an illustration to make a point clear
    To speak up loudly so that all can hear
    To concentrate on the talk and not fall asleep
    To grasp a new point or something deep
    To willingly do a few menial tasks
    To turn in your report before the secretary asks
    To show an interest in the old and young
    To think before using your tongue
    To read all the chapters assigned for the week
    And always the other's advantage to seek
    To set a goal to auxiliary pioneer
    To informally witness without any fear
    To stay for the service meeting following the school
    To remember to stress that God's Kingdom will rule
    To give a fine witness by conduct alone
    To submit as a wife to the head of the home
    To remember the scripture and read the day's text
    To consider your mate's viewpoint and your own wishes next
    To underline the answer in each paragraph
    To hear a wrong comment and try not to laugh
    To stay out in service a little bit longer
    To sing the Kingdom songs a little bit stronger
    To listen intently to the prayer said and then
    To respond when it's over with a heartfelt "Amen."
    Do not lean upon your own understanding.

    My relatives response was "Oh Bloody Hell"


  • wozadummy

    I'm glad I had been to my shrink today to fortify myself before reading that!

  • vitty

    And that was suppose to encourage----------------------LOL

  • purplesofa



    "TEACHER, which is the greatest commandment in the Law?" asked one of the Pharisees. Jesus said to him: "?You must love Jehovah your God with your whole heart and with your whole soul and with your whole mind.? This is the greatest and first commandment. The second, like it, is this: ?You must love your neighbor as yourself.? On these two commandments the whole Law hangs, and the Prophets."?Matt. 22:34-40.

    Poor Kid is under the WT law, much like the Mosaic law. And the kid was 15, probably will be a freaked out elder some day.


  • Gill

    Someone needs to see a psychiatrist pretty soon.....before it's too late!! (Poor kid!)

  • sspo

    No wonder that 50% of JW's are on the depression drug.

    Jesus said that his yoke was light and kind, the pharisses were the ones who oppressed the people with rules and regulations

  • Gilberto
    And that was suppose to encourage...lol

    My thoughts exactly

  • kittyeatzjdubs
    To not forget that contribution box


    That made me laugh my ass off.

    God only knows how important that contribution box is.

    To keep my Bible and book bag clean and neat

    And what the hell is that all about?

    ~luv, jojo

  • Shazard

    Yea now put all this big "To..." in John 3:16 instad of "who believes" :)

  • AuldSoul

    That poor young kid is actively being taught that carrying a burden other than Christ's burden is pleasing to Christ's father. How sad. How can anyone help such a person, no matter how good an elder they are? The shutters of his mind are closed off tightly.

    Most pitiful of all, to me, at the end he wrote: "Do not lean upon your own understanding." Which, in context, is contrasted with leaning on God's understanding. But from his extensive list of dos and don'ts, these three are not even hinted at, they are completely missing:

    (1) Relationship with the Father.

    (2) Relationship with Jesus.

    (3) Relationship with the Holy Ghost.

    But we find this one:

    To actually apply what the WT stressed

    "Do not put your trust in nobles, nor in the son of earthling man, to whom no salvation belongs."

    "Do not lean upon your own understanding."

    These verses remove the presumed authority of the Governing Body, because they (1) lean upon their own understanding and they (2) encourage others to put trust in them for salvation, although they are merely earthling men. But this young man believes that by leaning on their understanding he will gain salvation. In my opinion, any who support an organization that encourages such thinking are either knowingly or unknowingly making themselves partly culpable for the thinking of this young man.


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