Whats your worst household chore.........?

by vitty 40 Replies latest jw friends

  • iamfreenow

    I hate dusting and polishing, it never seems to have much of an effect either, the dust is always back within hours of moving it.

  • OpenFireGlass

    I hate having to make the first pot of coffee in the morning.. After the first pot, everything else becomes easy.....


  • daystar

    I detest, detest, detest folding and putting up laundry. I would rather clean the entire house, top to bottom, than do two loads of laundry. The tedium of it just drives me nuts. Sort, make sure they're folded or hung nice and neat so as not to wrinkle, roll/fold socks, stack underwear... ok, now on to the next load... urgh...

    Even worse is changing bedsheets. Has to be done, but I hate, hate it.

    I suppose I just don't like dealing with linens of any sort. *shrug*

  • Sunspot

    For the record;

    As soon as I finished writing my post, I went and cleaned the bathroom.....just in case! It seems the "tornado warning" is over so I figured I'd best "kleen da bafroom".....



  • mama1119

    I hate sitting down and making a budget every week, and then paying bills. Drives me insane trying to figure all that out. I also hate the weekly changing of sheets. I don't know why, I just do. But I love getting into a freshly changed bed.

  • simplesally

    Mopping the floor and cleaning the car. YUK

  • arwen

    I hate dishes... I detest cleaning the bathroom....I love vacuuming and don't mind laundry or grocery shopping. I wish Brooke lived near me.....

  • vitty


    I agree with everyones posts, ive found myself saying " oh yeah, I hate laundry, oh I hate dusting, umm I hate cleaning up after the dog"

    I quite like cleaning.....................god knows how it gets done...............im always on.............here...........LOL

    But I do have to be in the mood to do certain things........

  • wonderwoman

    ironing and folding the laundry: b/f does a lovely job at both so I leave it to him/ bathroom: my son/ the floor is my anal retentive chore, stemming from all those dreadful years of cleaning floors with dad. I can't help myself...it MUST be spotless no matter how tired, how late, how busy I am- imagine with two kids and a big drooly dog. it seriously drives me insane. my son does make a killer pot of french press...

  • oldflame

    Folding laundry but I dont like wrinkles so I do it but I hate it

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