Say You're a Bethelite & Monitoring JWD - How Would You Feel About THESE??

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    Quandry: There is still much more, if you are still interested.

    VERY much so.

    AuldSoul (of the "Waiting With Bated Breath" class)

  • johnny cip
    johnny cip

    someone posted

    Neither you nor Skally are giving people a way OUT

    i was thinking about this for the last few days. first off let me say I DON'T AGREE WITH many things skally said in this thread. but has SKALLY HELPED ANYONE LEAVE.?. I don't have numbers. but she ran a x jw/ jw chat room for at least 3 years. on a board. and put up with lots of bull$hit. to try to help dozens. many are now members here. maybe we should have a roll call? IT WAS A NO HOLDS BARRED ROOM. i was not a regular. but i would return from time to time. as i could take it. talk about wild! funny thing there was active jw's that would ,be posting anything and everything to defend the wt. i would come back to the room months later, and find that skally and a few other changed these fire breathing WT DEFENDERS, INTO STRONG WT EXPOSERS AND HATERS.. that sounds like results to me. i think skally is frustrated she lost

  • AuldSoul
    Skally: Incidently, I don't sit around wondering or counting how many people may have exited this ROT of a religion due to my diligence in exposing it's corruption and deception.

    Neither do I. However, I don't have to sit around to do it either. It has only been less than a year since I DA'd myself. It isn't tough to keep track over that short of a time span. How long have you been out, again? Surely there are at least THREE people that were for certain rescued by your method in all that time, right?

    Skally: But if you don't understand why I don't understand, then we just will have to both be misunderstood.

    I understand why you don't understand. You are fixated on a false assumption, that is why you don't understand. You believe most people stay because they fear the leadership, but most people stay because they fear the very probable and very real impacts on their day-to-day lives if they leave. To pretend that these impacts won't happen or shouldn't be considered simply because YOU say so, is . . . well . . . stupid.

    Would you have these men risk losing their wives, their families, possibly their jobs, just so they could make a sort of political statement against a secular corporation that they no longer even care about? Why would they do that? You don't understand because you can't empathize with them, and I think, in this case, your refusal to empathize is by choice. You choose to blind yourself to any viewpoint but your own, and so . . . you only see your viewpoint. Big surprise.

    You are very remniscent of my father, in that respect. He does the same thing.


  • AuldSoul
    johnny cip: maybe we should have a roll call?

    johnny cip,

    We weren't talking about VIRTUAL life, we were talking about REAL LIFE. My God, man, I have NO IDEA how many I have helped out including VIRTUAL life, nor do I care to know, really. But even still, I doubt Skally has personally and single-handedly helped three persons out from among JWs with her caustic and unyielding approach, whether virtually or in real life. If you really want to take a roll-call, be my guest.

    But, on this thread, we were talking about REAL LIFE, 'cause, you see, that's where Zarco and Doubting Bro and others here LIVE their day-to-day lives. On this forum, we see a tiny little snapshot of very small segments of the lives of people. None of these men on this thread have revealed the details of their real-life situation.

    Skally made a sweeping announcement of what ALL elders who post here SHOULD do, and basically called them hypocritical cowards if they don't do as she says. She gave no consideration whatsoever to their real-life concerns that (no doubt) go FAR beyond any corporate concerns they may have. She made no allowance for any exception to her arbitrary rules, she simply laid down the law, preemptively flaming any who disagree or choose differently. Anyone who does that is acting like a stubborn and unreasoning ass. I will treat such a person as an ass until they stop behaving like one.

    She isn't showing any signs of letting up in behaving that way, as yet.

    johnny cip: i think skally is frustrated she lost

    Well, she is choosing to express her frustration in detrimental and disruptive ways. Perhaps the better outlet would be to start another forum, where she can flame all who oppose her will to her heart's content without regard to according basic human dignity to all people simply because they are humans. But then, she doesn't really write as though she considers elders to be humans, does she, johnny cip?


  • sf
    I doubt Skally has personally and single-handedly helped three persons out from among JWs with her caustic and unyielding approach,

    That is because you are clueless.


    You said so much tripe in your post ABOUT me, it is rather amusing, to say the least.

    As far as care and concern for elders and other RANKAGE { higher ranks of male members in the organization} that frequent, not occassionally, but frequent this forum as a way of learning to think for themselves, and gain support they surely will not get at the k.h., it's very limited. It is almost minute.

    I feel strongly about what I'm saying. I do not have a problem with these men feeling a little pain in their hearts and souls. Many of us had our souls ripped apart by THESE MEN. Their pain NOW is ESSENTIAL. They NEED to feel what many STILL FEEL, in order to fully comprehend how heinous the policy truly is. Why should they be coddled? I won't coddle them here or offline.

    Each minute that goes by this organization keeps grinding it's wheels of corruption. It's a death machine. And each day, there is more blood. Coddle? Are you kidding me??

    I'll tell you what real life is about as a jw child, trapped in their parents insane beliefs, that could ultimately KILL THEM. It's pure fear. It is nothing BUT fear.

    It is time to stop fearing this organization, as elders and OTHER HIGHER RANKING MALE MEMBERS {I already explained my usage of the word "rankage"...I'm sure I made the word up...I meant to!} and start telling the truth.

    I'm not going to piecemeal replies to the rest of your post to me. You seem to have your hands full with Alan.


    If I explained what I'm saying here on the phone or voicechat to you, you WOULD fully understand what I'm conveying here. You might even see where it DOES have merit. It COULD work. And no, I'm not frustrated that the yahoo jw chatroom is gone. I'm frustrated that this hellhole of a religious fraud is still running it's greasy wheels.




  • AuldSoul
    Skally: I'll tell you what real life is about as a jw child, trapped in their parents insane beliefs, that could ultimately KILL THEM.

    Your experience was not my experience. I was raised a JW by third generation JWs. I'm fourth gen on both sides, and I was not raised in an environment characterized predominately by fear.

    If you were, I feel very sorry for you. However, it still doesn't justify you declaring others hypocrites if they refuse to do things your way.

    Skally: Many of us had our souls ripped apart by THESE MEN.

    So all elders are evil? Are all apostates liars? It is much more likely that NONE of us had our souls ripped apart by THESE men who are posting here.


  • sf

    Pity and patronization for at this point in our interactions on this thread AuldSoul is frankly, lame.

    Of course our experience isn't the same. No one experience is identical. Doesn't have to be to KNOW what the deeper pain is/ was and will continue to be, as long as this death machine keeps running.

    Growing up, being born into this religious fraud is completely different than going along in life and enjoying a pure relationship and connection with God, and having that ripped to shredds by some book publishing organization in N.Y. USA acting as if they are the voice of God and "one true religion". Knowing that innocent children, at the mercy of their parents belief system, are going through or may go through this degree of spiritual RAPE, is what drives me to blow the trumpet loud and often.

    As we sit here, debating this, how many children are being raped spiritually by these men that care so deeply for their flocks as they continue to "lube the wheels"? HOW MANY??

    I compare it to being born with a congenital birth defect as opposed to being physically able and a freight train mows you down one day. And you actually survive the carnage. Yea, you're alive but severly DISabled. You must learn to walk again, talk, eat, dress, think, feel....

    It's a wonder you really even survived the "crash".

    Being born with a defect is the other side of that coin. You adapt, adjust, assimilate into a world that is mostly ABLE.

    While elders and OTHER HIGHER RANKING MALE MEMBERS keep coming here, yet remain silent about their HYPOCRITICAL activities and "apostate association" {deception}, the printing presses keep churning up lethal and terroristic garbage that these elders keep preaching to the flock and at the door.

    Your generational history as a jw does not impress me. It burns me up inside that generations AGO none of you did ANYTHING to stop this killing machine in its tracts (pun intended). Instead, it continues to be fed "oil" by those who will not take what they NOW KNOW AS TRUTH and proclaim it a such to those still being fed the garbage.

    You will never be able to even come close to tapping into my deep-seeded disgust for this religious fraud and what it has done to so many CHILDREN.

    Adult jws have no excuse to fear this organization and it's MAN-MADE policies. Pleading your cases that you want to "help family" out, so you wait. WHY ARE YOU AND YOUR FAMILIES MORE IMPORTANT THAN ALL THE OTHER FAMILIES TRAPPED INSIDE THE DEATH MACHINE?

    They aren't!

    Again, I'm not going to coddle any elders here or offline. It's time they feel what we have felt and still feel, raw. No sugar. Just brute honesty.

    These men played with our lives and that of our extended families lives to the point of no return. They must realize that they were responsible for the rippled effects that went along with the diabolical shunning policy. By telling children that "jehovah no longer loves you. Satan is now they only ears that will hear you, ever. You are dead in gods eyes and in ours." Top this off with a mother that goes along with such cruelty and then ultimately ends up marrying the "loving elder".

    Save your pity for your wife AuldSoul. I'll save mine for your thread with Alan.

    Incidently, you do know I am fe-male, right?


  • AuldSoul
    sf: Incidently, you do know I am fe-male, right?

    Yeah. Just not very ladylike, in the gender-stereotypical sense.

    sf: It burns me up inside that generations AGO none of you did ANYTHING to stop this killing machine in its tracts (pun intended).

    Who, exactly, are you pissed at? I didn't live generations ago, neither did MOST of the posters here. I wish it had been stopped generations ago, too. But not one of us can do a damned thing about that NOW.


    Why are their families any LESS important than all the other families trapped inside? They aren't. By your own argument, you are proved a hypocrite for being harsher with elders than with any other part of the death machine.

    Without believers at the rank and file level, the org would crumble into nothing. They are accountable for what they believe and what they do, too. The rank and file shun me just the same as elders. They all believe the same crap. They are all taught the same crap from the same source. They are ALL injured by and disabled by the crap whether they know it or not.

    And ALL of them should consider their families more important than any other family once they find what filth they have been wallowing around in. The reason my family is more important to me is because I love my family more than I love you or anyone else. Would you want me to feel differently? If so, why?

    You are still acting like an ass, whatever your gender.


  • sf

    Acting? You think I am acting? lol

    YOU are an idiot if you think you can disect me.

    Yes, generations ago. Decades of death. And you ask what you can do about it NOW? Are you serious?

    Declare the bullshit that it is. Simple.

    Listen, I've never professed to being a lady, let alone, ACTING like one. Ladies are too sugary and many times, two-faced because they worry about "acting like a lady", instead of just being honest.

    Respectfully, if you are having trouble with what I feel and think, that is on you. Not me. I'm being honest in my words. I cannot convert them to suit everyone who reads here. I don't post according to others comfort levels. Perhaps you should avoid my posts AuldSoul. They don't appear to be of any help, to you.

    Good luck with Alan though. He is very helpful.


  • AuldSoul
    sf: Acting? You think I am acting?

    I hoped you were. I was giving you the benefit of the doubt. But since you insist on correcting my mistaken kindly assumption, I'll admit it is possible that you aren't acting like an ass. You might actually be an ass.

    sf: Declare the bullshit that it is.

    And, that I do. But I don't insist that everyone who is simply investigating whether it is bullshit must do the same, even before they have come to a conclusion on the matter. I don't even insist that my way is the only right way after they have come to a conclusion on the matter. I allow them what the WTS ultimately cripples people by forbidding, the opportunity to choose their course.

    You, however, seek to rob them of that choice as soon as they start to realize they might have it. I don't JUST declare the WTS' bullshit, I declare it wherever I find it. Even if it is spurting from you, sf.


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