What's The Dumbest Decision You've Ever Made?

by minimus 25 Replies latest jw friends

  • minimus

    .....either JW related or not.

  • Genesis

    Funny you ask this on a ex-JW board lol ! My dumbest decision was to stay in JW for so much years. Thats part of being brainwashed since birth I guess.

  • solo

    well that's easy . . . marrying a JW to get out of my hell hole of a life, he was a vile pig. The strange thing was that when we had walked back down the aisle after saying our vows I remember thinking to myself, what on earth did I do that for? His ridiculous mother came trotting up to us full of congratulations, kissing and jumping around and I thought what are you so pleased about, this is awful! Great thoughts on your wedding day.

    then commiting adultery which let him off the hook, my goodness if I hadn't been such a nieve 19 year old at the time I would have made him suffer for years by divorcing him and giving him no opportunity to remarry immediately

    still, it was the start of me leaving the truth, so in the long run it was quite a good call!!!

  • Woofer

    Keeping quiet when my brother-in-law started molesting me. I think if I spoke up and said something then he wouldn't have done the same thing to my sister. I guess when you are a kid your mind doesn't think like an adult.

    Second dumbest thing was getting married at 19 to the first dub who came along. Heck, we didn't even know each other a year!

  • fullofdoubtnow

    Well, it has to be becoming a jw, and sacrificing my intended career to become a pioneer. I've done some other silly things, but nothing else comes even close to that one.

  • tijkmo

    and then i kissed her

    dumb dumb dumb


    but dumb

  • daystar

    Not waiting on Jehovah and making the decision to leave the congregation... ... ... I keed!! I keed!!

    But seriously folks, part of me is tempted to say becoming involved with my ex-wife when I knew I wasn't in love with her. But I have such a joy of a little boy to show for it, I just can't say that.

    I suppose it would have to be in not going into college after high school. Dumb! Dumb JW brainwashing!

  • Dismembered

    I've been racking my brain. None I guess


  • OnTheWayOut

    Many are going to say the same thing: The dumbest thing I ever did was allow a JW to "teach" me THE TRUTH, then assume that the circular logic of WT publications made total sense of the Bible.

    Here's what a smart person would have done: "You want to teach me the truth from the Bible using other books from your WTS. Do I need books from outside the Bible to teach me the Bible? YES? Then don't I need books from outside the WTS to teach me about the WTS?"

    I hope I'm a smart person from now on.

  • Khrysanthemum

    To allow myself to be a push over for the first 22 years of my life. I never stood up for myself and I paied the price by dealing with having a low self esteem.

    I was pursuaded to get baptized at 16, let "friends" take advantage of me, allowed elders to make me feel worthless, etc. All of this lead to other dumb decisions....

    I still find it hard to speak up for myself by I'm learning....

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