What's The Dumbest Decision You've Ever Made?

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  • caligirl

    Getting married at 18, followed closely by getting baptized when I knew I didn't really believe in it. Almost a tie for dumb between those two.


    Saying no when 2 elders approached me 9 yrs ago and asked: "are you involved in anything that could disqualify you from serving as an elder in the congregation?"

  • Sunspot

    My very first reaction when reading this question was "ARE YOU KIDDING MIN???? But I see that not all posters feel as I do.....that becoming a JW and messing up my entire life AND wrecking the lives of my family as a result....was THE biggest mistake of my existence! I can say that with no hesitation....and no matter WHAT I may get myself into for the rest of my life-

    It could never be more devastating or horrendous as being a JW and trying to NOT STAY ONE after 30 years of servitude to the WTS!

  • minimus

    I think of how the congregation runs if you get into a problem---even if it's not something that directly concerns the Witnesses. For example, if you are known to get a speeding ticket---even if it's just a few miles over the limit, the elders have a right to talk to you. If you're an elder, you can be removed! .......To think that we allowed dickheads to legislate our lives and expect that we must address them in all matters is embarrassing.

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