If Money Were No Object, What Hobby(s) Would You Pursue?

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  • Stephanus

    There're some great ideas here!

    I wasn't quite thinking of fleets of jets and yachts when I posed the question, but I did say money was no object, and I can't say I wouldn't be interested in flying some of the smaller end jets as a hobby. If the Maverick Jet mob ever get their act together, their single seat jet would certainly be an interesting proposition!

    I was recently watch an American show called Working on the Railroad, on the How-To Channel. Some of the model train layouts they show-cased were truly awesome in size and detail. I must admit to occasionally thinking that if I had the time, money and space, I'd like to do something similar. Of course, if I got really rich and keen, I could use my hobby machine shop (see opening entry on this thread) to create Live Steam Engines and get involved with the local Live Steamers club.

  • M.J.

    I'd start a foundation for homeless children!

    (heh heh)

  • Seeker4

    According to my log book:

    I was checked out in the Cessna 150 and 172, and the Piper Cherokee Arrow II.

    My first flight as a student pilot was on Dec. 7, 1992, and I passed my private pilot test on April 14, 1993 - four months later, with about 60 hours under my belt. I was able to fly about another 18 months before the money ran out, and ended with 104 hours total - nowhere near enough to ever really feel comfortable flying.

    But I loved it. Found an inexpensive way to get back into pure flying - joining a local glider club. One of the members gives free lessons, and you can do some fun flying for very little money.


  • caligirl

    I would love to get back in to making jewelry.

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