If Money Were No Object, What Hobby(s) Would You Pursue?

by Stephanus 43 Replies latest jw friends

  • GoingGoingGone

    I love to travel, so I'd travel all the places I've dreamed about seeing.... And I'm not too fond of airports, so I'd have a private jet (hey, money is no object you said, right?!)

    And I'd learn glassblowing... that has always fascinated me. Hmmm... I actually have a whole list of things I'd persue... how many lifetimes do I get?


  • HappyDad

    I'd probably have a pretty well stocked backyard machine shop, complete with lathe(s), milling machine, welding gear, etc. I'm a Fitter and Turner by trade, so it kind of makes sense...

    Stephanus............that would really be great. I'm a journeyman machinist myself (retired). But instead of a machine shop, I would have one fantastic wood shop like the guy on public TV. I think it is the New Yankee Woodshop.

    I have a pilot's license which I have not been able to keep current due to a lack of money - so I'd fly, keep myself really well trained, and collect a few airplanes.

    Seeker4...............same here! I haven't flown since just before 9/11 when a C-152 cost me $39.00 to $42.00 an hour. Now the same plane is $87.00 an hour. Just can't afford it!


  • Mulan

    definitely world travel

    buy a great old Victorian house and restore it, modernize it, but make it look original.........great furniture, etc.

  • Peaches-n-Cream

    I'm with a few of you..... TRAVELING! There are so many places that I have yet to see in the world.

  • Geronimo

    World travel and rare books. G

  • monkeyshine

    I would collect rare antiquities such as Egyptian artifacts and Bible memorabilia, among other things.

  • damselfly

    I'd build a great library, comfy chairs, shelves and shelves of books, windows to a goregeous garden. Then I would alternate between tea and a good book and knitting. The smell of books and wool would be heaven.


  • Leolaia

    For me, its not just money but if time were no object. So many things I'd like to do with no time to do them.

  • MsMcDucket

    First and foremost, getting my mind and body in shape. Then I'd like to do a lot of world traveling.

  • SirNose586

    I'd buy a garage and get into restoring old imports, and I'd take up the old horn again and start a funk band.

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