I Was in a Bad Collision

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  • Amazing

    Last night, I was struck nearly head-on by a person attempting a left turn as I passed through the intersection. I was injured, as well as the other driver. The police told me that he broke his arm, and was in shock. As I climbed out of my car, I could hear him screaming in pain. I was in a mild shock, and numb with adrenaline. I was also taken to the hospital by ambulance. I have multiple swollen parts, severe bruises, abrasions, and a few lacerations. However, no broken bones. My left collar bone was stressed the most, as it was restrained very strongly by my shoulder harness system. It is a common break point for people over age 35, as that bone is more brittle. My air bag deployed, keeping me from hitting the steering wheel. The airbag also shoved my glasses into the bridge of my nose, cutting my face, and caused other severe abrasions and bruises. The other driver also had his airbag deployed, likely saving him from more serious injury. Both of our cars were totaled, but the damage to his car was worse, as my car is larger, and heavier. I am stiff and in some pain today. Thank God for airbags and seat-belts / shoulder harneses ... and that I was properly wearling my seatbelt and harnes. I was going the speed limit at 40 mph. I guessing the other driver was going about 10 to 15 mph as he turned into my front left quarter. I tried to swerve to the right to avoid him, but it was too late.

    The police came to visit me at the emergency room. The officer in charge of the investigation told me that he found the other driver at fault for failing to yield to oncoming traffic. He said that he was issuing a citation to the other driver. I am just pleased that it was not any worse than it was. I am sorry that the other driver was injured, but I am equally sorry that he failed to yield. It ruined both of our Friday nights. He is a younger person, and so should heal faster than I will. I guess that our insurance companies and their lawyers will sort out the numbers.

    Anyway, besides hating the stink created by deployed airbags, and the loss of my car, I am good spirits, and I am up and about.

    Jim Whitney

  • skyking

    Thats great to hear you are OK. Now the real problem dealing with insurance. I was hit this summer and it was the other drivers fault and still after four month not gotten paid for all the damages. I am Pissed, very pissed.

  • Big Tex
    Big Tex

    Dang Jim sounds like you really dodged a bullet!

    I experienced almost the exact same car accident when I was 13 and my father was driving. Like you, I had a few bruises and a major shot of adrenline, but the other driver experienced far worse because he turned in front of us illegally.

    I'm glad to hear you are not seriously hurt. Is your car totaled?


  • Virgochik

    That's a very upsetting thing to have happened, Jim! I'm glad to know you will be alright. One of those things where you shuddder to think of how it could've been alot worse, and then it doesn't seem so bad, huh?

    Take care, as you recover. Will you be off work long?

  • blondie

    I'm glad that your injuries weren't too bad and it is a bummer to have a car totaled but better that way than the other way around.

    Love, Blondie

  • GoingGoingGone

    Yikes! That's scary.... Glad you weren't more seriously injured!!!

    Take it easy for a while, you'll most likely be sore for a long time. Give your body time to heal.

    I'm glad you're doing ok, though!


  • DanTheMan

    Oh man, sorry to hear it Jim.

    I hold my breath a little bit every time I'm going through a yellow light and somebody in the oncoming lanes is waiting to turn left. I know that's where a lot of serious accidents happen.

    Hope your recovery goes well bro.

  • Sunspot


    SO sorry to hear about your accident!!! I am glad you're okay!

    Take things easy and be well.....



  • evita

    I was in a bad accident when in my early 20's. Not seriously hurt, but I still remember how scared and shaky I felt for several days after. I'm so glad you're okay.

  • cruzanheart

    I'm glad you're okay!!! Cars are dangerous beasts.


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