I Was in a Bad Collision

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  • hubert
    Now the real problem dealing with insurance. I was hit this summer and it was the other drivers fault and still after four month not gotten paid for all the damag

    Jim and Sky, Any bills that come in because of the accident(s) should be filed, and not paid. Call or write the billing departments of them, and tell them the accident is "under litigation". This will cover you. It could take over a year to go to litigation and settle your claims, so try to be patient. Be careful that your credit isn't damaged by these bills. Ask your lawyer how to handle this problem.

    I am not a lawyer, just speaking from experience. My wife was involved in an accident similar to yours, Jim, about 2 years ago.


  • Lady Lee
    Lady Lee


    Well you are home and that is a really good thing. Recuperating in a hospital is a strain on anyone and their family.

    If you find yourself tensing up try focusing on ways to relax your body or even the part of your body that is tensing.

    You may also find yourewself going over the incident repeatedly. This can be helpful to remind yourself that you weren't at fault. But it can also go to the point where it is the only thing you are thinking about. If you become too preoccupied try finding others things to focus on. It's a sort of balancing act.

    Watch a funny movie to help both your body and mind. Or do some other activity that is relaxing

    And take very good care of yourself.


  • LovesDubs

    I live in Florida where there are way too many kids driving and way too many very senior seniors on the road who all believe that the rest of us just need to get the hell outta their way. Its amazing we arent all smashing into each other every day. Im so glad you are going to be ok.

    Scary stuff.

  • delilah

    Sorry to hear of your accident, Jim. Hope you are on the road to a full, and speedy recovery.

  • Kenneson

    Cars can be replaced, but you can't. Glad you survived to tell us about your accident. Now, here's hoping for a quick recovery.

  • LittleToe

    That sux! Hope everything gets sorted out soon.

  • juni

    Hi Jim.

    Glad to hear you'll be all right in a while. Great to have all of the safety equipment. Yep. Air bag powder stinks! And those harnesses can bruise bones, etc. but better than the alternative.

    Sorry to hear your car was totaled, but what can you do. Hope insurance comes through good for you.


  • Elsewhere

    I'm glad you're ok! It sucks when things like that just come up out of nowhere!

    Keep us up dated on how you heal. I suspect you are quit sore by now... the hurt from a car crash usually gets bad about a day later.

  • BlackPearl


    I've hired a nurse for you, hope she get's you to feeling better.

    Seriously though, glad to know you're not hurt in a really bad way.


    The good news is Your still alive..Get well soon Amazing...OUTLAW

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