Physical attributes in men and women

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  • greendawn

    They say that in women (physical) looks are the most important factor for attracting a mate whereas for men it is other things eg personality, wealth, status, as if there are a lot more aspects to male existence.

    So how would you choose (or did) choose a mate, eg was a woman's physical side of paramount importance or did you also weigh that seriously against character personality, culture, etc

  • juni

    Give us Yanks some time to drink our coffee before we tackle such a deep subject.


  • AgentSmith

    I noticed my wife's first, and a split second later those beautiful long legs. After I stammered my hello, her voice clinhed the deal. If she has a cool personality it would be 4 out 4. HOME RUN!

  • fullofdoubtnow

    My bf is reasonably well off, he has a well - paid job and owns his own home, but if he'd been working part - time and lived in rented accomodation, it wouldn't matter to me. It was his personality, and his kindness that won me over. They are far more important to me than wealth or possessions.

  • Fe2O3Girl


    I am sure that physical appearance is the main factor in what catches the initial attention for anyone - male, female, gay or straight.

    What causes people to fall in love, or pursue a relationship is a bigger and deeper subject.

    No-one ever looked across a room and thought "What a kind, loyal person - I want to meet her/him".


  • Dansk

    Rachel's spot on!


  • greendawn

    Welcome agent Smith, perhaps you should start a separate thread to introduce your self. That was a great way to find your wife, as if you were made for each other. Strangely enough I started this thread inspired by a friend who thinks about turning down a woman though she has agreat personality and job because of -gasp- the shape of her legs.

    Juni we always remember that you are 7 hours or so behind with the clock.

    Full of doubt I also think that character and personality are paramount, more than status or looks.

  • brutusmaximus

    I love boobs, oops did I say that out loud again

    I love big butts and I cannot lie


  • juni

    Big butts, heh Brutus?

    Looks to me are unimportant in a guy - it's just something that attracts you to him. His humor. His demeanor. His respect for women. Just the personality thing.

    I agree w/fullofdoubt Linda also. He has to want to work; I don't care what it is (has to be legal though). He has to have feelings for others. Not a big talker (blow hard) I don't know if you guys know what I mean by that statement. So full of himself type personality is a major turn off for me. Someone who shows their emotions and shares with you their concerns, etc. I like someone who is honest - not a liar.



  • Mary

    Someone who stands upright and whose knuckles don't drag on the ground when he walks.

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