Suspicious JW activity? Anyone else had a visit lately?

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  • Pioneer Spit...oh, i mean Spirit
    Pioneer Spit...oh, i mean Spirit

    Last Sunday, two elders came to our place, we peeked and didn't answer. It's their first visit since their last and only visit 2 years ago.

    My dad called yesterday to say hi, I told him I was confused by his call since, I reminded him, he and my mom and my sisters and brother disowned me. He even said they want to come for a visit, and they miss me (out of state), I told him that seems off. He doesn't seem to remember the bitterness with which he and the others spoke to me--he said that in spite of my situation I'm still his daughter. I asked him what my situation is, he said that I left Jeh--ah, I added, that 'I'm in active', he said yes, and that as long as it doesn't become more that than, he's still my father. I reminded him that they told me I must be on drugs, and they said that they are no longer my parents, he said that's in the past and that as long as there's a chance. . .blah blah blah. . .He also asked for my address and we talked for 20 minutes. Of course, I was suspicious.

    I am going to call him this afternoon to end the mind game. My husband and I are going to send a DA letter soon, but I wonder if I have a chance to open my dad's eyes, he's a mild person, and an elder and RP like my mom. He does everything she orders him to do as she is a terrible controlling bitch, but my dad's always been a kind person except for when my mom makes him say nasty things.

    Any thoughts? Anyone had any recent surprise visits or calls?

  • fullofdoubtnow

    No visits, but I seem to remember a thread a few weeks ago about the elders being instructed to visit the inactive, df'd and da'd ones to see if they want to return. Whether that includes the known opposers I don't know, but if it does then we can expect a knock on the door.

    I can't remember the thread, but I think this campaign is going to be this month or next.

  • BlackSwan of Memphis
    BlackSwan of Memphis

    I can't think of any specific threads. But this seems to be a common theme in the last few months.

    I think that it's possible they are trying to get the inactive ones back in and also that they are seeing that the end is fast approaching and they have to get people to realize this before they are destroyed.

    I'm just looking at it from their point of view of course.

  • girasole

    It seems like many are reporting letters/calls from old friends or elders lately. Could this have anything to do with what was mentioned in an earlier thread about the recent admonition to try and "encourage" inactive or outcasted ones?

    Also, when the COs come around they are technically supposed to make an attempt at visiting all the known df'd, da'd or inactive ones.

  • skyking

    No. My brother just two weeks ago called around my old congregation he talked to the Elders there, and told them the congregation should be treating like I was DF'd which I'm not. He does not like the fact that only three people treat me bad from the congregation. He likes people to think highly of himself. He does not talk to me and he thinks everyone should be as faithful as him and should do the same.

  • garybuss

    I welcome all who have treated me and people important to me with respect in the past. If Witness people or others have treated me or people important to me with disrespect in the past and have not made amends, they are entirely welcome to disrespect me from a distance going forward. I'd say 100 miles is about right.

  • OnTheWayOut

    All my personal opinion, but forget the elders and try to connect with your family. If they haven't visited in 2 yrs, the elders might not come around too often. My point is that you might not need to DA yourself, at least not for awhile. Talk with your family and try to let them see that you are sensible. See if they have questions for you. See if they want to apologize for treating you wrong. If there is a chance to help your dad, find out. If you are suspicious, confront him. You can always send your letter after you try to help dad. Once you send it, he won't contact you, but will leave it up to the local elder body. He may have reflections about his life that make him wish to help you back into the borg, or he may truly just want to be your dad. Find out.

  • dido

    One of the reasons they are making an effort to visit ex`s could be that their numbers are going down, and they can`t find new recruits, so are trying to round up some of us up, that shows how desperate they must be!

  • sir82

    It's the time of year again when elders are instructed, via the Kingdom Ministry, to call on "all" disfellowshipped persons to see if they want to stay disfellowshipped. ("All" in quotes because, in my experience, elders look for reasons not to call on such ones, and will accept just about any excuse possible to not do so).

    Another possibility is that the CO is scheduled to visit soon, and they're trying to clear up their records of inactive and/or irregular publishers.

  • TopHat

    I haven't had a visit since spring of this year, BUT, I had a dream of three Bethalites who were laid off from Bethal came to visit me. One brother and two sisters, all in their 60s. They were standing in the front yard, looking confused. I went over to them and said Hello, are you Jehovah's Witnesses? Yes they said. We have come to encourage you to come back to the meetings. I told them I no longer believed the Governing Body were anointed and I believe they did not have the blessing of God. They ask me why....and for the life of my dream...I couldn't tell mind went blank....I said..I just do!

    The Brother told me not to worry....he will not say a word about this to anyone and will return in another 6 months to see if I have changed my thoughts. I wanted to say: I will not change what I believe but I woke up at that moment.....

    Just wanted to share my dream...the first dream I have ever had of JWs

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