Suspicious JW activity? Anyone else had a visit lately?

by Pioneer Spit...oh, i mean Spirit 11 Replies latest jw friends

  • hamsterbait

    One thing I have noticed about threads like this is:

    1: If the Elduhs call on you when you are not going to meetings, they are wrong [insert reason here]

    2: If the Elduhs do not call on you when you are not going to meetings, they are wrong [insert reason here]

    Some people seem to want to be left alone, and others are so sad that nobody wants to help them back into the prison.


  • Balsam


    Yah Elders have it tough, darned if you call darned if you don't call on inactive ones. The society gets on the Elders to call on folks trying to bring them back to the fold. Some are nasty to them and don't want them there. Why the men who wanted to be Elders ever were unless there was some sort of power feeling of being on the right side of the fence of God's favor. Frankly when my ex-husband was an Elder I thought it was a totally thankless job. If you reached out and tried to help people they got pissed if you didn't they would say they didn't care. If I'd be a man I would never have bothered with it at all. Thankfully I met some really caring Elders, and the really nasty ones were in the minority over all.

    As for them calling yes they have an obligation especially to call on inactive ones. Disfellowshipped or Disassociated ones I don't know. I sent a letter to my old congregation to let them know never to have Elders call on me that if I was interested in returning I will when and if I chose too. No on has ever bothered me. But I'm disf'ed so that might be why. LOL

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