The "Revelation Book" adhesive cut and paste instruction kit!

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  • Atlantis

    The Revelation Book adhesive cut and paste instruction kit! This PDF-"Kit" was sent to us from a friend of ours who is an elder in England who is thoroughly disgusted. The file is being sent throughout many congregations by email to assist the witnesses with "corrections" for their "Revelation" book. I can't believe the witnesses are actually going to do this! The first page of the pdf file reads as follows: *************************************************************************************************** Adjustments for the Book-Revelation-Its Grand Climax At Hand This kit has five pages that have carefully sized and checked for fitting into required changes areas. To print the PDF file, set the "Page Scaling:" in the-PRINT set-up-box, to "NONE". Please use the "Printout test mark" at the top Right hand corner of each page for accuracy; it should be exactly one inch. You can also use self-adhesive labels for the printouts. Use the full sheet size 8 1/2 x 11". For inkjet printers use Avery # 8165 and for Laser printers use Avery # 5265 or their equivalents. The line between each Adjustment item denotes the complete adjustment. You will note that some have two sections; this is because the adjustment starts in one column and ends in another. Also note on page 2 of 5, the fifth adjustment will cover the removed citation and over write the citation that is to remain. This is for easy of cut-and-paste. Cut each adjustment one at a time and follow the instructions in The September 2006 Our Kingdom Ministry insert [pages 3 to 6] for gluing into place. Thank you! ************************************************************************************************** How can anyone cut, paste, and glue 70 corrections over the older published material without "red lights" going off somewhere? Nevada-

  • KW13

    HAHA omg this is crazyness!

  • material BOY
    material BOY

    lol, they wont be bothered they will prob cancel the watchtower and have a paper and glue hour

  • OpenFireGlass
  • SirNose586
    How can anyone cut, paste, and glue 70 corrections over the older published material without "red lights" going off somewhere?

    The same way they can swallow "new light" and a consistent history of failed promises: blackwhite.

  • purplesofa

    you have got to be kidding.!!!

  • littlerockguy

    What Purplesofa said!! I can't imagine some newly interested one getting a copy of the book only to have to cut and paste different text over the old material without being suspicious.

  • jgnat

    That's hilarious! Seriously, I've thought that a "helpful" page with free resources like this, full talk outlines and so on (run by Apostates of course) would be a great way to keep the brothers hooked on the 'net. I swear, subconsciously, as they paste over the old light, something must give way.

  • No Apologies
    No Apologies

    I have to say, if I was still in, I would love something like this, I'm a dork. Much classier than scribbling the changes in the margin of the book. Although the fact that "new light" was needed, would have given me some pause.

    You should have seen the classy bookmarks I made for the book study back in the day, for the Daniel and Isaiah books!

    No Apologies

  • VM44

    Atlantis, thank you for posting that link.

    Has the Watchtower ever issued page by page "corrections" before for any of it study books?

    It seems to me that this is a first for the Watchtower.

    Usually they just print new versions of the book and have everyone just get a new copy.

    Instead of pasting in the corrections, some people might just affix the corrections into the book by using only one piece of tape. That way they can read the correction and then flip it up to see what the original text said!

    Hehe...Instant New Light, Old Light comparison!


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