Guess who's coming over Monday night!!

by kerj2leev 37 Replies latest jw friends

  • jaguarbass

    If you hang around a barber shop your liable to get a hair cut. If you hang around a bar your liable to have a drink. If you let the devil into your home your liable to dance with him.

  • nelly136

    do you really want them round or are you letting them in to please someone else?

  • jayhawk1

    If you have them over, pass along what they had to say. Not once in the 6 years since I left has an Elder stopped by.

  • fullofdoubtnow

    If you are unsure about seeing them, just say it isn't convenient right now. Don't let them in, they will take some moving if you do. Can you have a friend with you, so that there iis a witness to what they say? If you are df'd they have no authority over you anyway, but they might think they have.

    You say they are "good guys", and that may be so, but they will put wts interests before any other considerations, make no mistake about that.

  • ronin1

    Since you are already DFD, they have not hold on you, whatsoever.

    If you want to talk with them, let them know you have no interest in returning and thank them for their concern.

    If they press you about why you have not interest in returning, advise them that your religious feelings are personal between you and Almighty God and you do not wish to discuss religion or politics.

    That should be sufficient.


  • mouthy

    If you do let them in. Tape the conversation...!!! I would bring up the Shunning> Jesus said love thine enemies ....why dont we show love to them?
    Jesus told us NOT to Judge!!!! why do we do do much of that> Isnt it better we leave that to GOD>????
    Why do we have to report our time to the Org: Doesnt GOD see out works???

  • kerj2leev


    I am going to bring up the shunning subject to them. I feel it is so wrong that they still practice this, I mean if they want to argue that its in the bible, then technically we should stone all gays in the congo, any who are rebellious to their parents should also be stoned. Why aren't these features still practiced I mean they are still in the bible?

  • carla

    Don't you have something better to do? Like watch Monday night football? Maybe wash your hair?

  • mouthy

    I dont think the football will show a couple of honest hearted men they are following followers of followers.I pray the HOLY SPIRIT will plant a "thought" in there head after your visit. God be with you....

  • parakeet

    If they bring up subjects you're not ready to discuss, just tell them you don't want to get into that right now, and that you'll let them know when you're ready to discuss them (which could be never, but you get to keep the advantage).
    My JW parents know I'm an atheist, so they're forced into proving their arguments without using the bible. Without the bible, the arguments are totally lame. (Of course, they're lame WITH the bible, but then it's a lot harder to get them to stop talking.)

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