Poor JWs on a RV today........

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  • Gill

    You know how it is. You talk to people in general about JWs and what a crock of shit their beliefs are and you think 'maybe I went on too much!' 'Perhaps they weren't really listening anyway!' "I wish I hadn't bothered!'

    Well, my sister recently left JW land and went to live with a really lovely man. We had long discussions on the Watchtower, Bible, all the JW beliefs and nonsense that it is. He seemed sometimes quite interested and fascinated with how intelligent people could get drawn into such BS! He was surprised that anyone would believe a book company was a religion....infact I was quite embarrassed that I had been born into it and had totally fallen for the BS myself. It just fascinated him that we could have been so foolish.

    Well, last week end, two JWs called at his house. My sister tried to get him to come in and stop, in her words, 'winding them up' but he was having too much fun asking them questions. He's an incredibly intelligent man so there was never going to be a local JW who could answer 'any' of his questions without tying themselves up into BIG knots of anxiety! Often their answers ended up with 'because it is' or 'because it says so' etc.

    Anyway, they placed a new book with him. He's said they can come back this Saturday and he's all ready for his next game of cat and mouse with these poor JWs.

    The thing is, my sister is embarrassed. Not for him, but for the JWS. She says she remembers being so totally stupid and now this super intelligent bloke is having a lovely time just teasing them because in the end, there's nothings the WTBTS says that makes very much sense at all.

    So, I'm wondering what is going on round their house this morning. Could the JWs have chickened out?

    Whatever, I hope he's haivng fun, and hopefully planting a few seeds of doubt as they discover they cannot answer any of his questions satisfactorily.

  • fullofdoubtnow

    I wouldn't mind being a fly on the wall in his house if they do turn up Gill.

    We're not averse to a bit of jw baiting when the opportunity comes along, if we are in a city where the jw population don't know us, it can be quite entertaining.

  • Gill

    fullofdoubtnow - JW baiting should be an olympic sport! I was very disappointed, while we were on holiday, not to have run into any JWs.

    We saw a few out proselytising on our way out of Scarborough and I was sorely tempted to shout something rude at them, but my husband insisted that I couldn't! (Pain in the ass!)

    The thing is, I'm so impressed with my sister's BF's very clever reasoning with them. He's got them so far on the bible contraditions, why god allows suffering, creation etc and they have not been able to answer any of these basic questions despite standing on his door step for over an hour. I think that may be why they threw the book at him and ran. I hope they do come back today!

  • fullofdoubtnow
    JW baiting should be an olympic sport!

    It'd be pretty competitive if it was!

    I don't get much chance, as they all know me around here, but Trev runs into them from time to time when he's on his travels on behalf of work. He says he always knows when they're around, his bull$hit sensors kick into overdrive lol!

    If he's got time, he has a chat if they approach him, and they usually walk away wishing they hadn't stopped him, he has a talent for sarcasm where they are concerned.

  • Dansk


    You talk to people in general about JWs and what a crock of shit their beliefs are

    Look, why not just say it as it is! LOL!!


  • Gill

    There's only a few JWs who are bright enough to recognize sarcasm, when it alludes to them.

    They're just too convinced of their own rightness, which is always a sign that you're wrong!!! Something I keep reminding myself nowadays. Once bitten, twice shy.

    They all know us around here and haven't called here for nearly five years now. There was a gang of them standing across the road staring out our house a few saturday mornings ago, as they were working the other side of the road. But no one called! I wonder why?

  • Gill

    Morning Dansk!!!! (Or is it afternoon?) Anyway ....I aim to please.

    Funnily enough I ran into a friend from school (long time ago) that I had talked out of being a JW a year ago now. We always fall about laughing when we discuss her brush with the JWs. What convinced her to leave was my 'blunt speaking' on what they WTBTS teachings and beliefs are. If it works once, it can work again.

    All those lurkers....and so little time to read between the lines!!

  • moshe

    We're not averse to a bit of jw baiting when the opportunity comes along, if we are in a city where the jw population don't know us, it can be quite entertaining.

    Try this fullofdoubtnow-- I saw some JW sisters I knew working a block on a Saturday morning about a year after I left the Borg. I went around the corner and parked my car. I had a leaf rake in the car and proceeded to start raking the leaves in a strangers front yard-it was late autumn- with my back to the street. When the two sisters arrived and greeted me I turned around and gave them a big hello. The older sister let out a big gasp when she saw "Numero uno local apostate" and ran back to her car leaving sister newby standing there by herself wondering what had just happened. I heard later that the sisters were always watching out for me, lest the phantom apostate surprise them out in service.

  • Wasanelder Once
    Wasanelder Once

    I sweart to God I thought you meant "Recreation Vehicle!" that's how long its been since I've used the Watchtower babble!!!

    Now that's funny.


  • Gill

    Wasanelder Once - Must have been a veeeeeery long time ago!

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