Introducing myself

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  • BizzyBee

    Howdy and welcome, SkyKing! You are among friends..............

  • serendipity

    Welcome skyking!

  • BritBoy

    Howdy Skyking.... as one who was "marked" at the age of 16 I know the feeling only too well. I had to sit through the talk about how "homosexuality in the congregation has caused Jehovah's spirit to leave the congregation and the congregation is now a spiritual wasteland.... And now we hand over to Brother Brown with an important Announcement. Brother Britboy has been publically reproved and continues to serve as an unbaptised publisher"

    SIXTEEN.... UNBAPTISED..... traumatised and devistated? You betcha! Given that my family were all there... all this for a spot of "mutual masturbation"!

    Hang in there! It get's OH so much better!!!


  • Sunspot

    Hello and welcome, Skyking!

    You have now discovered that no matter WHAT you find out about what the WTS has done----the "loyal and obedient" (tm) JWs cover their ears and eyes and shout "ITS ALL LIES"!!!!!!!!!!

    The other JWs are leaving in droves, for the most part. We can just sit back and watch this cult as it self-destructs!

    I'm happy for you and your wife and that you are free of the WTS rat-race and all its demands!



  • Double Edge
    Double Edge
    They said in the Talk that even a brother was telling the truth if it put the Society in a bad light then not to listen but run from the person and not become like the destroyer of faith

    ....hmmm .... stupid reasoning... the brother's not putting the Society in a bad light...that TRUTH is a fact... the "light" is made up from that fact.... it's the fact (truth) that reveals what light the Society is put in...good or bad. Therefore, the destroyer of faith is the fact itself, or in other words the TRUTH.

    btw, WELCOME.... cool name... did you use to watch Skyking on Saturday mornings as a kid?

  • Wasanelder Once
    Wasanelder Once


    Like Jimmy Buffett I had a crush on your niece Penny!

    "Oh, I remember bein' buck toothed and skinny
    Writin' fan letters to Sky's niece Penny.
    Oh, I wish I had a pencil-thin mustache,
    then I could solve some mysteries too."
    Pencil-thin Mustache.

    Sorry the old borg boys came down on you so hard. Dirtbags.

    Remeber though, you dont have to take thier crap any more. If there's a Jehovah, he knows what they've pulled and will do whatever he does to those kinds of people. If there isn't a Jehovah, you still win because your free of thier rigid, self righteous, over scheduling, thankless attitudes.

    Enjoy the wife of your youth and say hi to Penny for me!


  • Quandry

    Up in the air--It's SKY KING!!!! I used to watch this program on Saturday mornings when I was a child.

    I am angry for you and your Dad. You and your dad were not accused of being a fornicator, a liar, an idolator, a glutton, a murderer, or anything else. You were simply men who loved God and knew the truth about what the Society did. When the announcement was made about you and your dad, naturally the congregation assumed that you were guilty of some heinous sin. Did some of them know? This knowledge would certainly make me stop and think if I were in the congregation and heard what happened.

    So let's see--if we know that an elder was at a motel with a prostitute, since he is appointed by Holy Spirit, we should not tell what we know because it will cast him in a "bad light?"

    This type of reasoning makes my blood boil. This gives the WTS license to do anything it wants, legal or not, scriptural or not, loving or not, but if we find out, we must not say as it won't make them lood good to the rank and file!!!!

    In other words, IMAGE IS EVERYTHING!!!!

    Welcome, Skyking.

  • mouthy

    Welcome Skyking

    Except I can not get over being lied to and deceived, I hurt all the was to the very foundation of my soul.
    I would not let it bother you love...It just proves who their Father is ????? The Father of the Liar is WHO???????? The Devil

  • sass_my_frass

    G'day and welcome. It's good that your marriage wasn't destroyed; it's great that your wife was able to see through it. Don't waste too much time being angry at the waste, just get on with life. Find what makes you happy and do a lot of it.

  • read good books
    read good books

    Welcome skyking, I liked a t.v. show from the fifities by that title when I was a kid. My entire family is out except one brother, and the large sucking noise you hear is all of them shunning me. But how do you stay in that organization once you have seen that the little man behind the curtain pulling the Wizard of the Watchtowers strings is a fraud? Best Wishes on a new life, outside the grasp of cults.

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