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  • M.J.

    Best wishes to your daughter. Hopefully this whole blood thing is a moot point in this situation.

    Great work on opening your wife's mind. You'll have to lend me some pointers on that some time!

  • BabaYaga

    All the best to your precious daughter, and strength to all of you!

    Thank you so much for sharing this, and please! do keep us updated.

  • bubble

    First and foremost, I hope your daughter's surgery goes well. And second, I would love to see this form when you get it. What an eye opener if it's legit!

  • Gilberto

    Best wishes to your daughter.

    I have heard about this before for minors. The reason being that the hospital would get a court order anyway if blood was required. The society have come to realise the bad publicity it causes and they can't win anyway because the court will always alow the hospital to transfuse.

    It seems your wife is starting to see through the teachings.

    Good luck

  • zagor


    Thats a big one, thank you for sharing it. Will appreciate more info as it becomes available because I know of people who would sure appreciate to know more about it.

    I truly hope everything goes well with surgery, there is nothing harder than seeing a child sick. My thoughts are with you.

  • crazyblondeb

    My prayers go out to your family. I've never heard of that form and would love to see it. Several years back, in 2 different cases, I had to help the surgeon stay one step ahead of the jw's. We (hospital) got the court orders both times. The HLC(s) were eventually escorted out by the police. (long story) One set of parents later thanked me for taking the burden away from them. The other set, along with the HLC, tried to have me fired. Hospital stood beside me.

    I will pray for the best!


  • vitty


    Id like to hear your story....................

    Truthseeker..........................Its a big step for her to even consider donating her own blood to your child...............

    goodluck with the surgery

  • truth.ceeker

    Hello and thank you very much for the warm words of encouragement. This really is a blessing. I now have the form but it is a bit more simplistic than what the Dr. described. It's been a while since I have seen anything like this so I don't have a reference point to go on but I think some of you may have more information on it.

    It's a bit choppy as this is a fax, but I can get a better copy and scan it later. I'm now wondering if this is just the same information that has always been used. Or I was thinking that this form may be more generic but the HLC may have something different. I'm not sure, just speculating.

  • rebel8

    Looks like a form I've seen many hospitals use, except it has blood components on there. That is kinda unusual I think. Most hospitals in my area have a form for refusing blood products.

    I think your doctor explained it incorrectly to you.

    How is your daughter?

  • inthetruth

    This is a document from the hospital not the WTS. Since the Doctors do not understand how the Bible talks about blood (how sacred it is, to abstain from it, to not take blood into our bodies in ANY form) then they think if THEY come up with this little document for you to sign you will do it, It is not from the WTS. The WTS has not changed any policy on blood because GOD has not changed his commandment he has given us through the BIBLE. It is the Bible that tells us to abstain from blood not the WTS. If your Doctor told you to abstain from Alcohol would you think it would be ok to get an IV full of it through your veins? Same thing.

    The hospitals try to trick us all the time, they even tried to get my friend to sign papers after they had already drugged her before surgery telling her it was other documents she need to sign, had her husband not read it, who knows what would have happened. The point is, is that if a person wants blood, give them blood, but if a person doesn't want it , respect that person's wishes. I find it interesting though that transfusion-medicine specialist do not like to give or get blood. There are so many problems with blood being mislabled and not screened good enough the Red Cross is getting fined millions of dollars. That story was on CNN news 2 days ago. One doctor was quoted as saying " Any patient who recieves bloodless medicine is, in essence, the recipient, of the highest quality surgery possible." So when you think about it, Jehovahs Witnesses are recieving better treatment than those who accept blood. Blood from another human is like a transplant and shouldn't be taken lightly. I have an aunt who got a blood transfusion in the 70's & got Lukemia, an uncle on the other side of the family got hepatitis C from a blood transfusion in the late 90's at the VA hospital. I mean, come on have you ever seen the kind of people standing outside the blood donar clinics? ICKY !

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