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  • truth.ceeker

    I had a meeting with my heart surgeon yesterday, and after informing him of our faith, my wife still holding onto to parts of the organization, the dr. said that, "there is a new form that just came out last year from your mother church in New York." What this document does is (1) Make it clear that the person is not allowing blood to be used, (2) makes it clear that the dr. will have a court order ready in case blood is deemed medically necessary to sustain life and (3) absolves the person's conscience of any guilt if it came down to it.
    I'm not sure if this document has been discussed before, but I thought that it was a bit intriguing. My surgeon will be providing me with the form to sign. He said that the surgeons now use it when operating on witnesses as it clears up many controversies. I find it very illuminating that the Society would produce such a document that basically gives the dr. permission to use blood but does not hold the person responsible for accepting it.
    If anyone has discussed it before, please post the thread. I will get the document scanned as soon as I get it.


  • rebel8

    WOW. It would be big for the wts to encourage drs to get court orders for blood and then not punish anyone who received blood under that circumstance.

    It could be the doctor misunderstanding the "mother's" instructions....and I wonder if the form is something the hospital created, not the wts.....


    Oh, and how rude of are having heart surgery? Are you ok? Are you planning to refuse blood?

  • lovelylil

    Can you get a copy of that from your doctor?

  • M.J.


    Please, can you provide a copy? This would be huge.

  • metatron

    Has anyone ever heard of the term "shabbas goy"?

    When you are too holy and righteous to lift a finger on the Sabbath, you employ a lowly, unrighteous Gentile

    to light your gas stove or turn on your kitchen lights?


  • daniel-p

    Either the WT is bat-shitty insane, or your doctor is lying to you.

  • iamfreenow

    I haven't heard of such a document in the UK, I'd certainly be interested to see it.

    All the best with your heart surgery truth.ceeker.

  • AK - Jeff
    AK - Jeff

    Perhaps a document like that is the first step in reversal of blood policy. By sneeking it under the radar through the HLC's [surely this must be the route of this doc's info], the WTS could claim to the flock that this has been going on for some time behind the scenes and they just hadn't noticed?

    Wierd - would like to see a scan if it really exists. [not doubting the poster of course]


  • M.J.

    After re-reading this, I just can't believe it..especially since it's supposedly been out for a year (I'm not doubting the poster but the doctor). I would love to be proved wrong, though. Eagerly awaiting an update...

  • truth.ceeker

    I have put a call into the surgeon and his nurse practitioner to have them fax or mail me the form as soon as possible. I appreciate your kind words of concern. This surgery is for my seven year old daughter who has a congenital heart defect and will undergo open heart surgery to repair the hole.
    Although my wife is still grasping to the teaching of the society, she has volunteered to donate her own blood to our daughter. I felt very proud of her for doing this even before I was going to ask her. I have been slowly letting her know about the eye opening things I have learned while reading JWD.
    For those who are eagerly waiting, I hope to get it soon because I could hardly believe it myself when the surgeon told me about it. He said that it came out of our "mother church" in New York. So it could be part of something that the society is trying to change or implement without much hoopla. I tried explaining what impact this form could have to the conscience of other witnesses, but she was having a hard time trying to understand it.
    Considering it is 4PM here, I may not get an answer until Tuesday. But when I get it, I will share it.


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