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  • Rabbit


    The WTS has not changed any policy on blood because GOD has not changed his commandment he has given us through the BIBLE.

    *sigh* It will come as a great surprise to you to find out that the WTB&TS corporation did not even have a corporate blood policy -- until the late 1940's ! Over 200 more surprises will be revealed when you find that that is how many "blood policies" have been changed since then by the corporate leaders.

    Ya' wanna know what is the latest, most important "corporate blood policy" change is ?'ve read the recent Awake! magazine that let you know you can take Haemoglobin now...and you will not "displease" Jehovah...and not even face a disfellowshipping judgment from your local Elders.

    That info could save your life...check it out.

    Btw, my faithful JW Mom died a few years ago, Hemoglobin would have saved her life. But, the current Truth from the WT corporation was -- "No Hemoglobin."

    So, my sweet Mom's body & brain slowly suffocated to death (lack of Oxygen does that, ya' know)

    But, today YOU can benefit from the Governing Body's New Light ™ - - YOU can take Hemoglobin and LIVE !

    YAY, Governing Body ! Providing Truth ™ & Spiritual Food ™ -- at the proper time to all Jah's Flock !

    Well...not for my Mom and lots of other JW's & their survivors here, but, YOU can benefit !

    How's THAT for a CHANGE ?Better late than never !

    Please excuse any bitterness that may have slipped out.

    Oh, Welcome to the board, please stick around and above all --do not believe a word --I said about the "changes" need to read that directly from the people you put faith in -- the WTS.


  • ICBehindtheCurtain

    Truthceeker, I hope your daughter is doing well, your wife did a very good thing, this is something that we have decided to do also in case of needed surgery for ourselves or our children.


  • SirNose586

    A few weekends ago, there was a memorial held for a sister in another congregation who refused blood. She was only in her mid-60's, and needed white blood cells. If she knew she could take interferons--fractions from white blood cells--might she be still alive today? And if fractions wouldn't have been enough, how long will it be before the WTS decides whole components become acceptable? How many people will continue to die for nothing?

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