Aussies/Canadians of JWD most laid back~

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  • doofdaddy


    What a subject to come back to the forum on.

    Our laidback attitude has two sides. One is having a laugh at ourselves, the other is that we have a leader who needs to be put out of office but we allow him to remain ├žause we won't get fired up enough. (or maybe we are just tired out from opposing him...)

    As for Mr Bean, I absolutely hated that series. Blackadder? Fantastic

  • wozadummy

    We're so laid baaaack here that our Prime minister can't find the motivation or energy to pull his head out of Bush's arse!

    But my daughter in law is American and she's pretty laid back and she loves it here. I guess the intensity of life in some states and cities in America must have driven people to different thinking and outlook .

    I sometimes watch the US cop shows,and there is proliferation of them here on TV, and wonder if all there is to America is New York,Las Vegas, Seattle and of course LA and all that hype and tension, but then my daughter in laws sister who lives in New York city seemed pretty cool when she stayed here.

  • Dansk

    Well, first of all I think you should look at the thread 'London' started by Bikerchic:

    We Brits have a great sense of humour and are FAR MORE laid back than Europeans - probably because we always gave them a good hiding during our many wars together!

    Aussies, whom everyone knows are a bunch of ex-convicts from Britain, are laid back because they've inherited it from us Brits!

    New Zealanders are just Australians with their heads caved in!

    Americans are Britons (and Italians, Greeks, French, Jamaicans, well, just about bloody everybody!) who no longer wish to speak properly, like what we do, and who decided they no longer wished to serve under his/her majesty so have a shindig every 4th July.

    Canadians are just Americans with a more finely tuned accent but with a better world understanding!


  • wozadummy

    Canadians are just Americans with a more finely tuned accent but with a better world understanding!


    Jeez Ian you like to live dangerously ,maybe that's why you people are so uptight

    Steve of the the barely awake kind

  • Dansk
    Jeez Ian you like to live dangerously

    Yeah, but they've got to catch me first!


  • FlyingHighNow
    So, how many realise that New Zealand is not part of Australia?

    I realize it.

    Dansk, I'm speaking particularly of JWD. You happen to be very calm. From your thread Would you marry the same person again? I gather you have cultivated the calm. I just have noticed that Aussies and Canadians tend to keep their cool on the board here. They take themselves and their countries less seriously.

  • sammielee24

    I find Aussies and Canadians much more laid back, as well as from my experiences, less quick to judge and condemn. I absolutely adore the British sense of Mr Bean, love Hyacinth Corrie...whereas in the US I always find it confusing to understand why Janet Jacksons covered nipple was cause for weeks of endless morality issues and yet football games are filled with cheerleaders with their butt cheeks hanging out. Don't get it me. sammieswife.


    You know Why Canadians are sooooooooooo laid back EH??..Because..We know the solution to globel problems..BEER!!!..LOL!!...OUTLAW

  • katiekitten

    I guess I can concede that europeans are pretty laid back, has anyone seen Eurotrash??!!

    Plus Brits work the longest working week in Europe ( I guess we all think our bosses are gonna notice and give us a frickin rosette or something)

    Plus Brits are the crappest at being nice to children in public places, like we hate the little critters or something. Go to Greece and they talk to your kids in restaurants, bring their own kids out to play with them, take them into the back kitchen to show them a bunch of kittens under the cooker etc etc

  • Legolas

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