Who is an Apostate?

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  • sspo

    I was an apostate when i left the Catholic church accoding to them.

    Not to change the subject but can you explain to me why all of JW's teachings only have one scripture to back them up such as:


    other sheep

    blood acts 15

    birthdays no scrptures

    paradise earth misquoted from the hebrew scriptures and only one in Mat 5 all others talk about going to heaven

    faithful and discreet slaves Only one scripture In Mat 24

    no part of the world - can be streched any way you like it( some don't use electricity or cars or tractors because they are not part of the world)

    and we could go on and on

    I told you before you are too smart to stay as a witness in due time you will get out. Some of us are still connected to the watchtower due to circumstances in due time i will get out and I know you will too.

  • AuldSoul


    Jesus also encouraged apostasy from the Jewish system of things. And when people were disfellowshipped as apostates, Jesus sought them out to ask if they would be his followers (John 9-10).


  • jwfacts

    Russell was a Prespbyterian apostate. Converted JWs are often apostates from other religions, how would they feel if they had been treated in the same way by their families when leaving. I sent a similar thing in an email to my parents the other day.

    "Will you really want to look back on your life remembering that you destroyed your family relationship simply because they did not believe what your religion believed? How would you have felt if your grandparents were forced to treat you that way when you apostatised from the Catholic Church?

  • avengers

    To pay attention to his posts is a waste of time. Might as well read a Watchtower. Actually the "leaders" of the WT are the "real" apostates since they are the ones who slept with the "Wild Beast".
    Do they really care about us?

  • crazyblondeb


    Aren't you worried a blue smurf might crawl out of your monitor? So, how's the basement in Bethel these days? I guess you think you are "untouchable" since you spend so much time here!

    Please, KEEP posting, you remind me of why I left and why I'd NEVER go back!! Thanks!!

  • KW13

    its funny you spend all this time trying to undermine people here, but your not exactly a 'good' jehovahs witness yourself.

    after you fail to twist truths elsewhere, you now have to attack the people themselves.

  • Black Sheep
    Black Sheep

    I'm not an apostate. I have never been a member of any religion.

    My wife is an apostate. She left the Anglican Church and now actively tries to recruit members for her current church from the Anglicans. That would make her the worst kind of apostate a preacher could ever wish to meet.

  • zagor
    Sociologist Lonnie D. Kliever, a university professor from the Southern Methodist University, explains: “The word “apostasía” is a transliteration of the Greek apostasia, that originally denoted insurrection or secession. Its religious use denotes the deliberate abandonment of one's own religion”. Along the same lines, the Professor of Sociology at Oxford University, Bryan Ronald Wilson, wrote: “Apostasía can simply be considered as the time when an old believer resigns their lot in their previous religious affiliation.” Therefore, any person who leaves her religion voluntarily, can correctly be considered an apostate from the point of view of their religion.

    Which would also make almost every JW (with exception of those being born in da truf) rightfully an apostate in eyes of their previous religion's 'brothers and sisters' and should really not complain if they are treated as such

  • AK - Jeff
    AK - Jeff

    And for what reason Thirdwitness, would the reasoning here be of greater accuracy or truth than any other?

    I know this much; my statements regarding my involvement for 43 years with Jehovah's witnesses is true, though perhaps tainted from a single perspective. But then isn't everyone's paradigm like that, including yours?

    Please tell me what is unreliable about the facts that have been revealed by 'apostates' regarding the UN, Bulgaria, translation of the NWT, false prophecies of the WTS, blood changes, organ transplantation 'tacking', lies to the press, hiding of pedophiles, slander of those who try to uphold the real 'truth' about the "Truth"?

    Is it presented negatively? Yes, as it should be. The sons of bitches that you defend have stolen millions of years of peoples lives claiming they had the 'truth' when it was not 'true', and they damn well know it. That may engender just a tad bit of anger in the ones affected, think?


  • NewYork44M

    Until I read part of 3rdwit post I was proud to be an apostate. But I realize now that I am not a very good apostate because I don't live up to his criteria.

    But I promise to do better.

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