Who is an Apostate?

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  • parakeet

    ***Those that have been members of new religious movements during long time and been very have implied but that later they feel disillusioned with his religion, usually throw all the fault to their previous coreligionists or the religious organization in general.***
    Most JWs were once members of other religions before becoming witnesses. They became JWs because they felt disillusioned with their old religions, and they now throw all the fault to the old religions, calling them "Babylon the Great." Does this mean we should "seriously doubt the credibility of their testimonies"? Using your own definition, JWs have no more credibility than apostates.

  • Arthur

    Look thirdwitness,

    No one is denying the fact that there are ex-JWs who have had their judgement clouded by personal grievances. Very few of us deny the fact that there have been some rather diiengenuous accusations made in the media. Many of us are very suspicious of the accusations that have been made against Ted Jaracz. I, personally am skeptical of some of Bill Bowen's statements.

    Not all of us ex-JWs are "foaming at the mouth", critics who just wish to throw verbal grenades at the Watchtower Society. Many of us have quite valid points to raise regarding doctrinal flip-flops, the Society's use of mind-control, and other issues.

    I think you are one who would praise Catholics who began to question doctrinal inconsistencies of the church, and who began to question the edicts of the Pope and the Vatican. Many such people; after leaving, share their experiences and insights into the Catholic church with others. Yet, when a JW openly questions the "spirit-directed organization" and the Governing Body; they are labeled as dishonest, and one who is not to be trusted.

    The pop-psychology that filled the material you posted was some of the most trite material I have ever seen. It was quite transparent. It read exactly like a transcript of one of J.R. Brown's press releases. Please try to post something next time that wasn't generated inside the Watchtower's Writing Department.

  • jayhawk1

    Here's wishing this thread does not make it to 50 plus pages.

    Thirdwitness, what are you wanting to accomplish by posting this?

  • sspo


    Let me give you some advise, your posting are way too long, learn from the watchtower and their articles, short and sweet and to the point.

    I can never read your postings they bore me, if you want to convince someone, you got the wrong place and people, you might be more successful if you knock on more doors and fool those that have no knowledge of the bible,

    By the way, are you counting time for field service as you try to debate those on this board since you feel you are witnessing here, probably you are as most witnesses do.

    You ought to be df's since you are spending so much time with "apostate"

  • VM44

    "we can seriously doubt the credibility of their testimonies."

    I serious doubt the credibility of that sentence!


  • Terry

    What a person says either matches reality or it doesn't.

    WHO the person is becomes irrelevant to the test of reality matching.

    Labeling a person as an APOSTATE takes the focus off the reality of the messege revealed.

    A simple example is when a court of law allows the testimony of a felon due to the fact the felon has been a witness to some act or conversation which is incriminating to an accused perpetrator of misdeeds.

    A gang member, for example, might be completely repugnant to the jury, yet, have important testimony which necessitates consideration. The test becomes the deed and the evidence and not the mere reputation of the one testifying.

    The Watchtower Society is fearful enough that its own misdeeds will be uncovered and understood that it seeks to eliminate the possibility that others (members or the world at large) can even consider the relevent facts which support their failings. Hence, they assault the reputation and integrity of naysayers as a category and seek to undermind credibility.

    A fact or a truth should be impregnable to lies and distortions; should it not?

    The Watchtower should welcome criticism just as Jesus welcomed face to face confrontations with his opponents. Why? So, he could openly engage in rebuttal with them with the simplicity of his answers rather than resort to mere name-calling and histrionics.

    The worst aspect of the Society and the Organization is the pettiness and meaness of spirit they display in dealing with critics. They are bullies and cowards in their every utterance. It should be beneath them, but, it isn't.

  • jwfacts


    An apostate in the OT was someone that turned away from Jehovah. In the new testament the word apostate never appears, though it does talk about the antichrist turning away from Jesus. Notice no mention of belonging to or turning away from an organization. Therefore many that stop being Watchtower Society followers do not come under any biblical definition of apostate.

    The world does not revolve around the Watchtower Society, they are an irrelevant force in the scheme of things. People that leave the WTS have had their lives damaged by a high control religious groupd, so congregate here for healing, but to the rest of the humankind the WTS does not even factor on their radar.

    Do you really believe that you and your religion has been gifted with some special knowledge? If so why, what made you so special that Jehovah chose you? Once you answer I would recommend reading what Mormons, fundamentalist Seven Day Adventist and Scientologists say. You will find they are all convinced of their uniqueness and their holding the monopoly to truth. I can assure you, you are no more special, holy, gifted or whatever you feel you are in Gods eyes than all the billions that try to serve him.

  • AuldSoul

    In that case, thirdwitness, all Jehovah's Witnesses are apostates for abandoning their former religion in a rebellion against it.


    They never went away, Jehovah's Witnesses defected from the Bible Students. Jehovah's Witnesses are an apostate organization. I know it is full of fiber, but chew on it a while and it will soften up. Choke it down any way you can. You'll thank me when you finally flush that clogged up doctrinal colon you have there of all that processed cheese the Governing Body has been trying to pass off as "spiritual food."


  • earthtone



    I guess you say that Jesus was an apostate then as he broke off from the old Jewish religious system and started a new religion....(he had a lot of bad things to say about those religious leaders in his day!)


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