What Kinds of Weird Things were you banned from or not allowed as a child?

by mama1119 63 Replies latest jw friends

  • monkeyshine
    Those elders wives who saw evil toys running around her kids room?

    It's amazing how "demonistic" things were to be shunned yet it was always the topic of conversation.

    We were told not to say Dag (sub for damn) because it was referring to Dagon the Fish God.

  • mama1119

    Remember when they used to say to kids:" If a circuit overseer came in to your room, would he be pleased at what he saw?" That was the big reason not to have posters, bad music OR a messy room, because the C.O. might not like it!

  • Mysterious

    My mom always used the would jesus have...line.

  • serendipity
    My mom always used the would jesus have...line.

    I've used that one on my daughter-and she's used it on me. Better than asking what the CO would think.

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