What Kinds of Weird Things were you banned from or not allowed as a child?

by mama1119 63 Replies latest jw friends

  • Mysterious

    In school: I wasn't allowed to join honor band even though I had a special invitation. I wasn't allowed to go on the normal band band trip, I had to stay behind with the screwups that were failing elementary school and be babysat in a classroom of younger kids. I wasn't allowed to be in school plays. I wasn't allowed to be in school sports even though in elementary school they badly wanted me on the basketball and field hockey teams. I wasn't allowed to take Psychology in my senior year. I never got to take biology because of all the evolution. I wasn't allowed in leadership or on student council.

    Recreation: I wasn't allowed to do martial arts or fencing even though I wanted to be in both. I wasn't allowed to join hockey, bowling or curling in our community. I wasn't allowed to watch movies over PG-13. Mom used to go through my library books and censor out anything too violent, that looked "spiritistic" or was too fantasy like. She screened all my music and would question me any time I had headphones on. She would watch my video games and disapproved of anything not rated E or that was too "magical" or violent even with an E rating. I was also banned from watching Power Rangers and Ninja Turtles because they were too violent.

  • K-Dub

    Not me, but my daughter has been banned from her Barbie unicorn. She took it home and her JW mom broke the horn off. Mom also threw away my girl's care bears. Also rebuked for watching Lion, Witch and the Wardrobe - "Bad Magic"

  • looking_glass

    No posters of any kind because of idolatry. I also was not allowed to have an ankle bracelet because it was worldly. I also was not allowed to have my ears doubled pierced. The minute I got my own place, I got my ears double pierced and got a ankle bracelet!

  • moshe

    My family weren't JW's they were farmers. I don't have the memories of summer fun, little league ball, fishing, camping, etc. that most kids had. I do remember lot's of farm work. Today, I guess it's not kosher to use your kids for manual labor. Even today as an adult I find it hard to relax or have a pass time like golf. I guess that's an oxymoron- most people I know who play golf are fustrated!

  • Bryan

    I wasn't allowed to say:



    Dang' it,


  • Mysterious
    The minute I got my own place, I got my ears double pierced and got a ankle bracelet!

    Good for you. I forgot to mention that in my post. I wanted second holes but wasn't allowed them. Even though I could point out several respected pioneers and relatives who had them. I also wanted a cartilage piercing but wasn't allowed that. I have both now, along with a few other things.

  • Gregor

    Back in the fifties one of the treats my sister and I would get was an occasional comic book. Donald Duck, Scrooge, Gyro Gearloose, Popeye and my sister liked Little Lulu. So one evening after the meeting Mom pulls into the local market and gives us each a dime for a comic. She waited in the car. She didn't realize until we got home that I had bought a "Tales From the Crypt" comic. The cover featured a decomposing skull with an eyeball hanging out and worms all over it. It went straight into the trash and I got no more comics for a while. I was reduced to reading my sisters Little Lulu's (which were actually quite funny).

  • mama1119

    I remembered another one: We weren't allowed to watch HE-MAN because he said he was the almight HE-MAN, and only Jehovah was almighty. And we weren't allowed to watch Roseanne because the kids attitudes were to wordly and disrespectful.

  • wannaexit

    As a young girl I couldn't wear pants with zippers in the front. I wore a lot of those ugly stretchy pants and got laughed a lot. Well, the reasoning was that you wouldn't want to look like a boy.

  • reneeisorym

    I couldn't do any sports. That wasn't the healthiest habit to teach your kids!!. .. No cheerleading or gymnastics because I might miss a meeting.
    I couldn't miss a meeting to do homework even when there was a big test or a paper due. I couldn't stay up late to do them either so my grades suffered and put me at a high B when I could have been an A student.
    No pep rallies. I had to sit in the office during them.
    I couldn't have second holes in my ears until my mom and her sisters got a wild hair and decided to all get them when they were shopping together. Then I got one since Mom couldn't explain why she could have one and I couldn't.
    I couldn't have any posters. I had a wall you couldn't see from the door and I remember putting postors on it and my mom finding it one day and laughing and then ripping them off of the wall. I saved UPC symbols from my cereal boxes to get a Rainbow Brite postor and sent off for it. When it came in the mail, my mom made me throw it away.
    I came home dressed as an Indian around Thanksgiving and my mom had a fit.
    No smurfs.
    One of my cousins couldn't watch football or disney films but I could.
    I couldnt be in band or the chorus. Again to the office during chorus class.
    I couldn't pray before lunch with the class.
    I could stand during the national anthem (without my hand over my heart) when I was with my dad and I had to sit when I was with my mom.

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