A True Scholar In Our Midst, Leolaia

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  • proplog2


    You said "Praise is not sinful" Someone must have said that "Praise is sinful". I certainly didn't. Someone must have said "accepting praise is sinful" . I didn't.

    I often speak out about threads devoted to praising individuals. It would be more discreet to send a personal E-Mail to do that. Otherwise you are reinforcing status which leads to alienation for those who are never mentioned.

    The insult of public praise is that it detracts from the intrinsic motivation and satisfaction of a mature person. Praise works somewhat on kids but adults resent the potential control that emerges from praise.

    Proplog, my opinion of YOUR scholarship is permanently tarnished by your premature prediction of the end of the world. A couple years back, I believe. Even less honorable, in my opinion, you chose to disappear from the board for several months rather than take your "error" on the chin.

    Oooh that really hurts. And that of course is your intent. I am not real concerned about your opinion of my scholarship. I don't claim to be a scholar or an expert in anything.

    I remain convinced that there is something imature about these "praise" threads. And I will continue to express that opinion when I am inclined. I will leave it to the scholars here to google around with the concepts of "praise and control" "value of praise" "harm of praise"

  • VM44

    Leolaia earned a research Ph.D, therefore the statement that she is a true scholar is simply a statement of fact.

    Praising her for posting the results of her research is simply an expression of appreciation for her efforts.


  • bikerchic

    Leolaia is truly a JWD gem no doubt about it!

    VM44 something you might be interested in knowing;


    Is none other than Skoshi, this duplicate (one of several) has also been Deleted in case you didn't notice he's not replied to this thread.

    Now back to Leo! Yay Leolaia!

  • VM44

    hi bikerchic,

    Skoshi wrote in a style similar to Nate, so I had wondered if they were the same person.


  • VM44

    Here is the other thread in which Leolaia presents some of her research concerning the cross. --VM44

    Cross or a Stake - which was it?


  • AlanF

    Leolaia is a true scholar in both senses of the word. She has earned an official Ph.D. from Stanford University, which by definition makes her a scholar, and she has earned a Ph.D. in the School of Hard Knocks of Life via disentangling herself from the JW cult many years ago, and has published on this board many writings which mark her as a scholar. Anyone who has not met this outstanding woman in the flesh and criticizes her for credentials or motivation or writings is an asshole, in my not so humble opinion. The people who have criticized Leoalia on this thread aren't worth shit. and they know it. They have an inferiority complex -- nothing new to longtime posters on this board.

    Narkissos is another true scholar, a man not only with some official credentials, but who puts his money where his mouth is and is dead nuts on all the time.

    I personally have no official credentials in terms of religious discussion, but I think that my posting record on this board and others going back some 15 years speaks for itself in terms of my qualifications to critique the cult of Jehovah's Witnesses. The same goes for Blondie, going back some six years. Blondie is among the most intelligent and generally astute women I've ever met, and I count it an honor to have met her in the flesh.

    Amateurs both, we are. But remember that amateurs first discovered the comet fragments that smacked into Jupiter in 1994 which nearly revolutionized solar system astronomy. The term "amateur" merely means that someone heavily into a field does not get paid for it. It has no relation to the person's actual expertise in the field. How many people are paid, professional JW critics?

    Proplog2 is one of those Monday morning quarterback critics of everything that accomplished JW-critics do, who does almost nothing at all himself but nevertheless sometimes has very good insights on this board, but for some reason is jealous of anyone other than himself who, in his opinion, rises to a measure of prominence because of demonstrably good posting skills. One wonders what sort of emotional defect is at the base of this poster.


  • jgnat

    I am very glad you posted on this thread, AlanF, clarifying and defining your contribution to JWD. And to VM44 for stating fact.

    Leolaia earned a research Ph.D, therefore the statement that she is a true scholar is simply a statement of fact.

    So what should we call you, AlanF, a Celebrated Amateur?

  • bavman

    I would like to nominate another celebrated amateur.....Peaceful Pete.

    -Hope you and Econonaut are well Pete.

  • blondie

    Leolaia is an asset to JWD with her research. No talented amateur. We would be hard put to reproduce her information in 100 times the effort. I especially enjoyed the history of Rutherford.

    Blondie (no scholar)

  • thecarpenter

    Blondie (no scholar)

    But awesome singer!!!

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