A True Scholar In Our Midst, Leolaia

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  • peacefulpete

    Leolaia and Narkissos have been the voices in the darkness in my search for understanding the complexities of Bible scholarship.

  • Hellrider

    I read all her stuff too. But I haven`t read much of what she wrote before I joined here. Anyone got a list over her articles here on the forum? (so I can copy and save the texts)

  • stillajwexelder

    Again, agreed, Narkissos is also an excellent contributor to scholarly debate

  • Double M
    Double M

    Many Thanx to Leolaia and also AlanF hey am from Kenya and I really do appreciate all your postings guys keep up the good work and may God bless you 10 folds.

  • Skoshi

    Indeed, Narkissos and AlanF are also grand and insightful scholars. Narkissos has even helped translate the Bible with a well-known Bible Society (Not WTS). I admire him as well. I would be honored to meet Leolaia, Narkissos, AlanF and Blondie. However, I dedicated this thread to Leolaia so let me reinterate, LEOLAIA WE ALL ADMIRE AND RESPECT YOU! Many blessings os all kinds to you Leo.


  • anewme

    I have wanted to meet her. We actually live not too far from each other. But Im afraid in two seconds she will be bored.

    Hope to get to an apostafest someday and meet her there.

  • V

    Am I mistaken or is Leolaia actually male?

    EDITED: My mistake! Sorry and a huge fan. (Note to self: Research first...post second)

  • Forscher

    Namaste Skoshi.
    Aap kya hal hai? I enjoy Leo's posts as well. Although I don't always agree with her particular perspective, she does well researched posts which add to rather than detract from most any discussion she enters. I also like Nakissos as well.

  • proplog2

    So basically this is another one of those threads endorsing and exalting some elite group.

    Much of Leolaia is cut and paste. Some of it is also erroneous because the experts she quotes are riddled with fallacies. A little time on google would produce the same info. Take the time to examine EVERYTHING. Experts are not infallible.

    AlanF is given to petty bitching and baiting that engages people in ego battles that overshadow the subject being discussed and often the points he is trying to make. He needs to develop some grace and quit his incessant name calling.

    The Watchtower is an easy target. They are wrong on a lot of stuff. But Leolaia, Farkel, Blondie, ... etc. have blind spots too.

    They ought to repudiate threads like this out of humility. But knowledge puffs up.

  • minimus

    AlanF and Blondie are "Scholars"???? C'mon. I'm a big fan of them but I don't think they're "scholars".

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