A True Scholar In Our Midst, Leolaia

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  • Narkissos
    AuldSoul (of the "Wondering If That Epithet Sent Ozziepost to His Dictionary to Determine Whether I Should Be Punished" class)

    Oh that was mean...

    Leolaia, there is indeed very little to add or discuss on your article posts -- except picking on details or venturing speculations occasionally -- but they are very enjoyable, informative and useful.

    I'm much less of a scientific mind, so most of my Biblical interventions are shorter replies to existing threads when I think they can help. My interest has gradually moved to more shadowy religious / philosophical issues where I enjoy thinking out loud. These too have few replies but I don't mind.

  • peacefulpete

    btw I was joking. I need to use these "" more often.

  • Lady Lee
    Lady Lee

    Time to end this.

    leolaia has seen the appreciation from others and responded to them. The thread has degenerated so I have borrowed a post from ozzie:

    OK, I think this has been allowed to go far enough!

    Threads of late, especially on doctrinal matters, have become far too heated and posts are frequently breaking Posting Guidelines. We have allowed this to continue in the belief that the JW apologists and trolls may be challenged and their arguments shown up for what they are.

    However, JWD is not a place for personal insults - there are other places much more welcoming of that.

    In future, Posting Guidelines will be strictly enforced - without fear or favor - no matter what the reputation or esteem.

    Please take this on board.


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