How Do You Respond To: "Where Else Will We Go"?

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  • Zapper_1

    It seems to me that leaving the Watchtower is a lot like breaking any addiction. Before I quit smoking some years ago, I was afraid. I was afraid of the withdrawal symptoms & I was afraid what my life would be like without tobacco. When I finally made the plunge, I found out that, with the help of the patch, withdrawal symptoms weren't so bad and now that I'm smoke free, I'm healthier & feel a lot better. The only downside is that I'm a bit chubbier than I was, but maybe there's a message in that too.



  • mcsemike

    I liked the point that Minimus made about how many billions of people over the centuries wondered if they had the truth or not.

    If anyone has any figures on the following question, I'd appreciate it. I once discussed this with a brother who was sympathetic to my situation. I asked him: what if we take all the people who were ever baptized, studied, or were exposed to the WT's teachings enough to say that they knew the religion to a reasonable degree. Then take away all the people who have been DF'd, quit on their own, drifted away, or even still attend but have already left in their heart. I don't mean JW's who have died, just the living. We could consider those who have died, but then the question would balance out with those dying still believing and those dying who were DF'd or had quit already.

    My question to him was that it seemed that if we counted all the people who "knew" the truth well enough and subtracted those who were now out, no matter the reason, I thought that more than half of those who once ever knew the truth had rejected it as NOT the truth. In other words, if there are 20 million people alive today who are JW's, were JW's, or know the religion, and there are only six million active publishers, what does that say? To me, it tells me that most people who examined this "product" chose not to buy it, or if they once did, had it "taken away from them" by being DF'd, or just returned the product to the store (quit their study or DA'd themselves).

    Does anyone have any idea what the percentages are in this situation. I think it would be an interesting point to make with the next JW's that any of us meet up with. I would ask, "How come most people who have test-driven your product, reject it?" I wonder how they would answer that. Oh, wait. "Jehovah is sifting his organization." That's hardly a fair answer. That's like me test-driving a car and after I buy it and it breaks down, the salesman says that this is how they discover which cars are bad and what things need more work. That is hardly fair to me, who now has to buy another brand of car.

    Thanks in advance for any thoughts. I am curious as to how you view this.

  • IP_SEC

    No need to go anywhere. I dont need no stinking organization! :rofl

    The world isnt a big bad scary place. No ark needed. I dont need any of you ppl (JWs still in) If you want to deal with me as a human great, if not? Great!

  • IP_SEC
    it drives me nutz

    Hey blackpearl,

    A pirate walks in to a bar with a big ship's steering wheel for a belt buckle. When asked why he uses a big ship's steering wheel for a belt buckle he replies. Arrrrggggh it drives me nutz!

    Hmm thats not the funniest one I ever heard on second thought

  • mouthy

    Have not read any responses,,,Only the first post ..It is not WHERE will we go but to WHOM we will go>>>>>>>>>>To the WAY! TRUTH,LIFE read it in the scripture>>>>>>JESUS CHRIST!!!!!


  • IP_SEC

    No need for rocks mouthy. For a christian your answer was fair enough!! Glad you came back mouthy.

  • under_believer

    Mouthy, it appears that your quitting the forum on July 11 was largely hypothetical. Good to see that you're still posting. :)

  • JWdaughter

    My irreverent side says, "Starbucks!"

    My more reverent side says (because I am a Christian) Jesus, who else?

  • MegaDude

    When asked this question by JWs I usually respond:

    Where did God's people go when Jehovah destroyed his organization Israel via the Romans?


    Auld Soul,

    I like your response.

  • mouthy

    Mouthy, it appears that your quitting the forum on July 11 was largely hypothetical. Good to see that you're still posting. :) IP & UNDER THANKS!!! Yes I heard via the grapevine the WT was glad I was not posting anymore.... So I thought I had better resurrect.... The told me I would have no more pain after 1975!!! LIE!! they said Melanie would never go to kindergarten at 3 yrs old She died at 42 yrs old >LIE!!!! I would think that identifies them as False Phropets Wouldnt you agree????

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