How Do You Respond To: "Where Else Will We Go"?

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  • KW13

    but thats the thing, they take it for granted that it means organization, anyone in a position who asks 'where else will we go' needs to see that leaving the org isn't leaving Christ.

  • blondie

    Expounding is the responsibility of the person leaving. It helps if they do the research. There is plenty on abusive relationships and how to leave, what resources you have available, the psychological work you have to do.

    First, are you leaving God and/or Jesus when you leave the WTS? Do you really have that good of a relationship with your family now, so what will you lose if you leave the WTS? Are you forming healthier relationships with other people? Financially will you be secure; how can you make sure; in the end is money more important than mental well-being? How will it affect your marriage and and/or children? Recognize that the effects of staying with the abuser is worse than any temporary effects of leaving.


  • minimus

    I just saw Seeker's thread. I agree that the internet is a real problem for the Witnesses. To me, BEFORE you leave the Organization you MUST make friends outside the "Truth". Building up a firm base of persons that you can bounce ideas off of and talk to without being afraid is a key to getting support. JWs that ever think of leaving wonder how they will make it without all their friends and family.....Some, I don't believe are capable of making the switch.

  • buffalosrfree

    I tell them to go any damn place you want too. No one left to tell you what to do and be your mommy and daddy anymore, its up to you, Jesus is the answer if your looking spiritually, Anything that blows smoke up the nose its up to you.

  • slimboyfat

    I know Ray Franz uses the famous scripture in Hebrews 13. The same one Luther used, and all dissidents from "organizations" tend to use.



    It is unlikely you will go anywhere else..You are institutionalized...OUTLAW

  • minimus

    What scripture is that??

  • slimboyfat
    What scripture is that??

    Thought you'd never ask:

    Hebrews 13: 13 Let us, then, go forth to him outside the camp, bearing the reproach he bore, 14 for we do not have here a city that continues, but we are earnestly seeking the one to come.


  • Genesis

    Where else will we go ? To the pub !

  • daniel-p

    In response to the question "where else will we go?", I have said that "the search for truth should not be a matter of elimination... truth should be plainly obvious." The Apostle who asked that question was faulty in his reasoning. To me, it sounds like "well, I got nothing better to do... I might as well stick around and see what goes down," or something like that. That's not faith! That's bullshit.

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