Men, women and toilet seat etiquette

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  • hubert
    If men would just learn to aim a little better then you wouldn't have to lift the seat at all. ;)

    Well, there's a solution to this. Practice, practice, practice.......(hmmmmmm.....sounds familiar).

    Almost like...."advertise, advertise, advertise".

    Okay guys, this winter when it snows, get out there and practice !!!!!


  • Fleur

    There should be no evidence that anyone has used the commode, in my opinion, male or female. It should look like its' just off the showroom floor.

    I see the seat, both sides, because I wipe both sides down with disinfectant twice a day at least. Not that anyone is messy (I'm blessed and yes he does put the seat down! He's outnumbered by Estrogen carriers in the house so he does). Everyone has to leave the seat cover and LID too down in this house, or else someone is gonna end up bathing the cat. He jumps onto the lid repeatedly during the day to perch in the bathroom window.

    my ex left it up once...guess who ended up bathing the cat?


    of the neat and tidy pottys are a way of life, or else that's just gross, class!

  • FlyingHighNow

    Here's where I can't complain about Andy, he alwas lifts the seat and puts it back down.He never pees on the floor or wall either. I must praise him for that AGAIN. Positive reinforcement, you know? My lil grandsons? They forget to lift it all the time.

    Now guys, I know at least one of you has sat down in abundant pee or run in during the night and hit the porcelain and water, because you or one of your buddies forgot to lift or put back down. You know it's not cool to get a bruised a$$.

    As for stains under the seat, how about the person with Montezuma's Revenge that doesn't take a look under the seat afterwards? Either gender can be guilty of this one. Sitting in pee or hurting your butt on the porcelain rim or sitting in toilet water is not cool and it can happen to guys as well as gals. You guys do sit at least once a day if you're lucky enough to be regular.

    I'm betting that the reason there are urinals in men's public restrooms is because men get tired of hitting the water with both buns or sitting in pee.

  • hubert
    I'm betting that the reason there are urinals in men's public restrooms is because men get tired of hitting the water with both buns or sitting in pee.

    reminds me of one day at work, when some guy came in and sat in the next stall and said, "Boy, this waters' cold" !!

    I came back with, "And deep, too".


  • mama1119

    I agree with Fleur, everyone needs to keep the lid down when they are done. I personally find it sickening to walk into a bathroom with a seat up, I feel like germs are flying at me. I hate toilets anyway, but especially looking at the underside of one, yuck.

  • hubert
    I agree with Fleur, everyone needs to keep the lid down when they are done.

    What's MUCH worse than this is, when someone uses it (for whatever reason) and DOESN'T FLUSH IT !!!!

    Don't tell me this hasn't happened to you. I think it is totally disgusting !!

    I cannot understand how someone can use a urinal or toilet, and leave whatever is in there, and just walk away, without it ever bothering them.

    Because, it certainly bothers me !!

    Gross, Gross, Gross !!!!!


  • FlyingHighNow

    It doesn't bother me if the lid of the toilet is open. In fact, it bothers me if it's down without a reason. You can sit on a closed lid during the middle of the night and if you're sleepy and in a hurry, it can be disasterous.

  • okie46

    Most guys I have known just peed outside....JOKING!!!! :) I do think they should hold that thing, instead of just standing up with their hand on the wall and just trying to aim for the bowl. Yes, I know some do a pretty good job and it is a thing of honor to not miss. Re whether lid is up or down.....I fell in the toilet when I was 5 years old and got up to pee one night, my Dad had left the lid up. Ever since then i always check b4 I sit. Right now I don't have to worry about it though. I have always thought that who ever uses the toilet should lift or lower lid depending on their preference, it is no big deal... same thing with how the toilet paper is put on the daggum roll. I do think that whoever soils the rim or seat should wipe it down before they leave the bathroom, that is just cleanliness and courtesy. AND YES I AGREE... Women can be just as nasty or nastier than what they accuse men of in the bathroom. In the grand scheme of things, think there are more important things to do than worry about who does what and how the toilet paper is put on the roller.
    P.S. I have always been jealous that I can not write my name in the snow.

  • mama1119

    OH NO!!!! I just a repressed memory surface thanks to Hubert. One time I was engaged to this horrid little man and he worked evenings until about 4 in the morning and he would come home and do the number two, and WOULDN'T FLUSH because he said he didn't want to wake me up. I said PLEASE OH PLEASE risk waking me up!!! I will go back to sleep, but going into the bathroom first thing in the morning and being awakend by that filth was beyond sick!!!!!!!!


    There is a SCIENTIFIC REASON for putting the lid down (end of discussion...get with the program everyone!!!):

    Flushing Out The Truth

    Listen to Karl talk about Flushing Out The Truth
    (You will need Real Audio which you can download for free)

    Sometimes, if things are a bit rushed at work, we might grab a quick sandwich at our office desk. But you'd never be in such a hurry, as to even dream of eating off the toilet seat, because we all "know" that toilets are really "dirty", and loaded with germs. But on average, per square centimetre, your desk has 50 times more bacteria than your toilet seat!

    This was discovered by Dr. Charles Gerba, a microbiologist from the University of Arizona. He's Dr. Germs. Over the last three decades, he's written some 400 papers in peer-reviewed journals on infection and disinfection.

    He solved the problems that the National Science Foundation was having with the waste-water treatment system in the Antarctic at McMurdo Station. He helped out with advice on water-recycling systems for both NASA and the Russian MIR Space Station. He loves his work so much, that he even gave his first son the middle name of Escherichia, which is the "E" in E. coli, that famous faecal bacterium. He got around family resistance by telling his father-in-law that Escherichia was the name of a king in the Old Testament of the Bible.

    Dr. Gerba has also studied germ counts in the house, and by doing so, discovered the right way to flush the toilet. You should flush with the lid down.

    If you flush with the lid up, a polluted plume of bacteria and water vapour erupts out of the flushing toilet bowl. The polluted water particles float for a few hours around your bathroom before they all land. Some of them will land on your tooth brush.
    Dr Gerba also found that in the home, the kitchen sponge had the highest germ count, followed by the kitchen sink. The lowest bacteria count, out of 15 household locations, was the toilet seat. He said (perhaps a little jokingly), "If an alien came from space and studied the bacterial counts, he probably would conclude he should wash his hands in your toilet". He went on to say what they might do in your sink.

    So if you flush with the lid up, you are probably brushing your teeth with toilet water. I guess that's one story to tell the males in your household, so that they put the lid down, because if the put the lid down, they have to put the seat down as well.
    In mid-2001, he and his team looked for five different types of bacteria (E. coli, Klebsiella pneumonia, Streptococcus, Salmonella and Staphyloccus aureus). They studied offices at four locations - New York City, San Francisco, Tampa in Florida, and Tucson, Arizona. At each site, they tested surfaces three times a day for 5 days. They sampled 12 different surfaces - desktop, phone, computer mouse, computer keyboard, microwave door handle, elevator button, photocopier start button, photocopier surface, toilet seat, fax machine, refrigerator handle and the water fountain handle. The team wanted to see the effect of cleaning the surface. So at each location, one group of employees used disinfecting wipes to clean the surfaces they worked with, while the other group did not. (The study was partly funded by a company which makes disinfecting wipes.)

    The results were astonishing. In terms of bacteria per square inch, they found that the phone receiver was the filthiest - 25,000 (probably because many people can share the same phone). This was followed by the desktop at 21,000, the computer keyboard at 3,300 and the computer mouse at 1,700. The least contaminated surface was the toilet seat with only 49 bacteria per square inch - making it about 50 times cleaner than the desktop. Gerba says that, for bacteria, the "desk is really the laptop of luxury. They can feast all day from breakfast to lunch and even dinner."

    Pat Rusin from the University of Arizona is not sure why the shared toilet seat, which you would expect to be a maelstrom of maximum microbial activity, is actually one of the cleanest. He said "What we found, and what we are still theorising as to why, is that the toilet seat was always the cleanest site." One theory is that the toilet seats are too dry to give a good home to a large population of bacteria.

    The other major finding was that if you went to the trouble of using their sponsor's anti-bacterial wipes, you could drop the bacteria count by about 99.9%.

    So while I intellectually know that the toilet seat has a lower bacterial count than the desktop, I'm not going to have my next snack in the toilet. Maybe I'll go half-way and wipe down my desktop, not with a germ-laden sponge containing 10,000 bacteria per square inch, but with clean toilet paper that I can throw away.

    Swalker (always puts the lid down!!!)

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