Remember those toolbox-like briefcases some of the brothers had?

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  • Virgochik

    Thanx, Gregor and Jgnat. I hope no one thinks I'm putting my Dad down, when sadness is really what I'm feeling when remembering the big brown leather briefcase. Sad that he never went to college, and craved to be somebody important, and found what he needed in the adoration at the Hall when he dressed up and carried that case. He was a small town boy, and they hooked him in thru his need to be important.

    A guy can be important at the Hall, even if he's nobody at work. I just wish he knew he was important anyway, without the suit and the case and the silly religion that sucked away his whole life. Now he's elderly, and still faithfully lugging that briefcase, only it's harder to carry now. His audience is smaller now, mostly conducting the book study for the elderly ones in the morning. But he's still important to me.

  • Gregor

    hope no one thinks I'm putting my Dad down,

    Not at all. Your affection for him came through clearly. I knew many men like your Dad. They're good guys. The WTS doesn't deserve them.

  • brutusmaximus

    My Dad has a tan coloured one with a brass fastener he has had it for years but just stuffs papers and what not in it, I have no idea why he doesn't through it out maybe it has good memories or something or maybe it reminds him of when I carried it too meetings for him


  • JapanBoy

    Sorry.....but I was much a much more stylish MS than most. before I stopped going to the 'new' K-hall [that my family took huge part in building] I owned a very cool Root's brand leather doctors style briefcase in oxblood colour leather. The nerdiest thing I ever owned was a dumb metal holder for the fs to keep the forms in to wrote down not-at-homes, do-not-calls [many of these] etc....some dorky kid in our hall was making these in his metal work class at school I think.

  • LDH
    These things were freakin huge; you could get several bibles, WT publications, literature, song books, and a partridge in a pear tree all in there.

    the better to seem more spiritual with, my dearie.

    Ahhh bookbag memories. Craig Withers carried one that was stamped "Genuine Naugahyde." To be fair, we were all young broke pioneers doing the Lawd's work. Then, his handle broke because of all the spiritual goodies inside. He began carriying it with flair as he couldn't afford a new one. It was a large, envelope looking thingy. He just carried it by inserting his finger in the corner and letting it dangle precariously. I never will forget working Aurora NY door to door and him stepping off the bottom step onto the slate winter....with black ice.....he did the biggest split I have ever seen a man do and hell no it wasn't intentional. One foot was like 5 feet in front of the other and had shot out with rocket-like speed. Thank god for the bookbag, he was able to use it as a fulcrum by placing it on the ground and doing a bird-like hop to regain his footing.....If you could see me laughing.......

    Of course I got mine in Tijuana Mex on a familly vacation. A brother there makes his living by manufacturing bookbags. Mine was pearlized leather. ohhhh soo 80's.


    My future's so bright Class

  • free2beme

    I remember a PO who had one of those and when he opened it, it had everything in it. Seemed to be note pads, books, magazines and even a calculator and other items needed for all the busy elder stuff. If that person is still alive, and I don't know if he is, I hope someone bought him a laptop computer. Would have accomplished the same thing and been smaller.

  • observador

    Oh God!!! I hate those boxes. You cracked me up.
    Yes, I used to have one of those mini dentist/doctor/tool box, during my pre-teen years. :)
    I hate it just to think of it.
    Thank you for the good laugh, though.

  • observador

    ...and, by the way, my daddy had the slickier but full size one.
    Oh man, it gives a chill in the spine just to think about it.
    Horrible, horrible!

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