Remember those toolbox-like briefcases some of the brothers had?

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  • dozy

    All the elders had those bags when I was a child. My sister used to scramble the combination code after the meeting & lock the bag. We would watch as the irate elder got increasingly infuriated as he couldn't open his bag to retrieve IMPORTANT ELDER DOCUMENTS and looked for someone to blame (usually his hapless wife!)

    One especially self important elder had a 4 digit combination lock - it must have taken him hours to go through all the combinations (it wouldn't have helped that my sister had a habit of setting the new code as 9 # # # ). How we larffed!

  • Plummet

    Yep I remember those things, ALL of the elder in our hall carry one. Thats funny about the Pharisee thing I never thought of the Giant bookbags like that.


    You guys should have set the new combination to 1975 lol.

  • Mulan

    Dave had one of those.................they called them catalog cases, or sample cases. Everything fit in them..............seemed like an important item for an elder. For field service he used a small flatter briefcase.

  • Finally-Free

    I remember those big briefcases. I never wanted one that big.

    What really burned me up was the guys who had the briefcases in the aisle beside their chairs. I've seen people trip and fall over them. I'm a pretty big guy but I could still have a briefcase on the floor between my feet, or under my chair and still reach everything I needed. When I ran microphones I'd sometimes (deliberately) loop the cord around a briefcase in the aisle, then "accidentally" give it a tug from the back of the hall, sending the briefcase flying. I think the elders eventually realized I was doing it on purpose, and they took me off of mics.

    Another thing that annoyed me was people, usually elders wives, who used at least four different colours of highlighters when studying their watchtowers. Why would they do that? Most of the time they read their answers directly from the paragraph anyway. Was it some kind of weirdass fashion statement?



    My dad had two breifcases while I was growing up. The first was a natural leather triangular one with his monogram just under the clasp. That thing was ancient. I think he had that when he first became an elder (at 17). The second was the dark brown, hard sample case. He kept all his elder materials in that bag, and also his notes from various committee meetings.

  • chuckie77
    we had an elder in our congregation who inherited his briefcase from his father. It was revolting! it was this old fashioned briefcase sort of triangle in shape and it was fur! and it was all mangy due to its age. and bits of it was always falling out....

    Misspeaches you crack me up, I think I know who's bag you are referring to... Did you once housesit for that family? I know I have seen that bag!

    I remember one sister had a leather bag, it had "Jehovah Is My God" emblazened in gold lettering on the side, crazy ol loon!

  • blondie

    Those "toolboxes" can be a liability at the conventions. The men like to sit at an end row and put these in the aisle...I have seen them told that they can't do that now...blocks the aisles for fire purposes. No foot room if you put them inside; or take up a seat???? after the rank and file are told not to put coolers on the seats, only child seats.


  • VM44

    Yikes! I just checked how much the top-opening leather satchel briefcases sell for now!

    Get ready....the lowest price I found was $280 US!!!. Some were even in the 400 dollar range!


    I think leather goods were more affordable back in the 1950's and 60's

    Anyone know where these kind of leather briefcases might be sold at a reasonable price?

    --VM44 (of the bargain hunter class)

  • Wordly Andre
    Wordly Andre
    You guys should have set the new combination to 1975 lol.

    The perfect gift for a JW in the family, a Huge boxy briefcase combo set to 1975, This is too funny, I am going to have to start keeping notes to self

  • vitty

    My DH was only a MS but we had one

    The reason being all members of the familys books were in it. 4 books, 4 bibles, 4 scripture inspired book to be replaced with the .....ummm cant remember. It was always packed so we didnt have to scrabble around for stuff every week

    I used to take it even if my hubby wasnt going. And I got asked one evening if I thought i was an elder...........I laughed I should of said " Why, do I look like a pri.k"

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