How do you say good-bye?

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  • fullofdoubtnow


    I am so sorry to hear this. I will be thinking of you.

    Take care


  • Van Gogh
    Van Gogh


    I understand your loneliness and the fear of all the crap we have been indoctrinated with over the years... I think many of us here do. That's why we are here.

    Life has turned out be a mystery, full of the pain that wants us to go... full of the beauty that wants us to stay. Perhaps it is our test for now.

    Please fight for your life. Make it your purpose. You have somebody worth living for, to hold... someone to take care of you, to hold you.

    In the end love is everything, the only thing to live for.


  • Dansk
    Please fight for your life. Make it your purpose. You have somebody worth living for

    How very true, VG, and the main thing which has kept me fighting!

    Hambeak, I've been fighting cancer now for over two years. At one time I was given only six weeks to live. I wasn't about to give up on the woman I love and you should feel the same about your partner. I'm still here fighting - and so glad I am. I feel great!!

    Also, put your name down on the vigil threads started, usually, by Alleymom every Monday!

    Here's to you and your success in beating your disease!


  • serendipity

    ((( Gary )))

  • Mulan

    Be sure you understand what the doctor is telling you. Just because it's an agressive cancer, doesn't mean you can't survive it. It's very important to stay positive, laugh a lot, and don't dwell on the diagnosis. Focus on the recovery and the future and you might just have one!!

    I went through my cousin's cancer with her, and all the treatments, and I truly think one reason she didn't survive is that she gave up. She really succumbed to her own negativity and grief and couldn't be positive about it at all.

    Keep us informed and do get on the vigil list. I think it helps. The positive energy directed at you has to have a good effect. There is so much we don't know.

  • anewme

    Wow Gary, thankyou for sharing this personal challenge in your life with us. It makes us feel closer as an exjw family.
    You will be in my thoughts today Gary.


  • Lady Liberty
    Lady Liberty

    Dear Gary,

    You need a((((( BIG HUG!!!))))) Although I have not experienced this, I have family members who have. Have the doctors told you you were terminal? Even if they have be positive! Many have overcome cancer through their mindset, in addition to Chemotherapy, and lots of cleanses. I have read a little bit on how cancer cannot survive in a alkaline body. It has to have a acidic body to spread. Stress will also feed it. I don't know if there is any truth to these theorys, but they seemed pretty convincing. I read it in a book by Kevin Trudeau, entitled: "Natural Cures they don't want you to know about". A elderly sister in our hall had beaten breast cancer by taking what is called "Alphoicacid"(spelling??) from the healthfood store. She took one a day. The doctor didn't know she was taking this and when she had her examination, he said what are you doing? The cancer was in remission. She told him, and he asked her how she found out about this? Almost kind of shocked like. He said keep taking it, it will get rid of it. She was shocked!! But knew herself, before his confirmation it was working! I don't know if this would help you or not, but I would think it would be worth a try. Please know we are all deeply concerned for you, and you will be in our thoughts and our prayers! Try and stay positive and have a," I am going to beat you attitude! " Who knows, it just may work along with everything else!!

    Sincerely, your friend,

    Lady Liberty

  • Swan


    My heart goes out to you and your partner during this time. People I know have recovered from this diagnosis. As others have said, it is crucial to maintain a positive attitude. Hopefully you can find help in doing that here, but if you need to be elsewhere right now, we understand. Just know that you will be in our thoughts and hearts wherever you go.


  • LuciousJ

    Gary, We're so sorry and are cheering for you. I have a story but too sad to tell.....too hard for me to type without crying. However, we're praying for you and your partner so hang in there and keep your options on the table always. Research, get second, third & fourth opinions, etc. And.....don't say goodbye until you know you have to.

    LuciousJ & JDawg

  • skeeter1

    Do not give up hope or a sense of humor. They will take you far in your battle.

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