The Gentiles Times Reconsidered--Again but this Time By Using the Bible

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    Isn`t that nice,3rd witness took a dump,and thought he`d share that with us..What a classy guy!!..You took a dump,but apparently it didn`t empty your head..Try again..LOL!!.....3rd Witness you claimed,posters were forced to admit 607 may be an actual date..You lie..You lost that debate..You changed no ones mind..No one mistakes you for a winner,except you..LOL!!..All questions answered??..Another lie..Go back and see what I asked you,Genius..Take a dump before you do it..It might help..LOL!!...OUTLAW

  • ozziepost

    I saw that you are Forum Assisitant and that is why I responded to you respestfully inspite of your disrespect. Does being a Forum Assistant authorize you to bully me with your insults and to spread unfounded rumors about me?

    Huh? What insults? What rumors?

  • Fisherman

    3w, If the WTS changed the 1914 teaching would you still remain a JW?

  • Fisherman

    3W, why do you talk to oulaw like that?

  • saki2fifty
    Would you like me to present a list of numerous questions that I have asked you over the past two weeks NONE of which you have answered? I do hope Saki is reading this post.

    As well as the other 53 people who are still waiting for answers. Its obvious the scales are a bit unbalanced with TW being outnumbered by at least 15 to 1. But this is a completely new thread, with the content apparently being retyped manually... somewhat of a redeeming period... but lots of negative responses.

    I'm not here to argue but rather wanting to simply hear both sides... so I inject my viewpoint, not to stir up anything, but to make aware of the facts.

  • saki2fifty
    You changed no ones mind..No one mistakes you for a winner,except you..

    Sorry... but you stand corrected. There is one.

  • thirdwitness

    Page 2:

    Danny brought up Miller and Russell and 1844 ergo etc. Nothing to do with the things I wrote. Then he wanted us to watch TV. I figured at this point he was not a pentecostal.

    Saki welcomed me back. No question there.

    Auldsoul ask if I thought the 1260 days of REV were 1260 years. I said no. He also talked about baptismal questions, GB, paradise earth, field service, etc. These were off topic. He made some comments that iddan means seasons or measures of time. I dont disagree so didn't comment. He said 'times time and half a time' might not be 3.5 times but then he turned around and said "I don't disagree that the interpretation given is reasonable" so since he agreed it was reasonable why should I comment on that.

    Ackack ask an off topic question about SAtan being cast out in Oct and WW I beginning in July. Off topic. Finally free joked about it.

    Forscher said this was our interpretation but failed to mention anything specifically so what could I answer?

    Steve mentioned that Daniel said that what had been said about Neb was fulfilled. And Neb was the tree. Cabasilas and alwayshere made similar point. I replied on that as follows: That Daniel 4 said that Neb was the head and that was it. Well if you don't want to search the scriptures of course you want find any answers or any truth. Daniel outrightly tells us that it is about God's kingdom and whoever he wants he will make rule. That is the theme of Daniel 4 as I showed in the first post I made. And the connections are clear to Ezek 17, 19, and 21.

    Iw made a joke.

    Hoping4change made the same old tired comments about how the Bible does not give actual dates so we have to use secular history to start somewhere. Do I really need to comment on that.....again.

    Hellrider said one day was as a thousand years. I figured everyone saw the illogic of 7 times being 2,520,000 so i didn't comment on that.

    Danielp said how complicated. I made a reply about how truth seekers would have to dig into the Bible to find answers and truth.

    TD commented on 'will be trampled' . I anwered that mulitple times. ABout winter time, about elvis.

    Aniron said God wouldn't use a pagan ruler to represent his rulership. I said he didn't. He used a tree.

    Swalker commented off topic.

    AlanF gave his usual 'you are a moron' speech. and other off topic comments.

    All on topic questions answered on page 2.


    Actually saki,I sit corrected..LOL!..Saki,may I ask?..Did you have an opinion before the debate,if so,what was it?...OUTLAW

  • thirdwitness

    Page 3:

    Drew wanted take me to the movies. I havent seen Superman yet.

    KW agreed with drew.

    Then on the third post is when I answered all the questions posed thus far at that point.

    I then answered Jim's comment about gathering info.

    JamesWood with more Russell off topic stuff.

    Kid-A said nobody cared.

    I answered Auldsouls question. and STeve's question.

    The rest were off topic or comments about the WT's crap that they publish.

  • jayhawk1

    Thirdwitness said,

    The rest were off topic or comments about the WT's crap that they publish.

    Watchtower's crap that they publish? Really? They are the biggest supporters of your Gentile Times Prophecy, are they not? Please explain why you say the Watchtower publishes crap.

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