The Gentiles Times Reconsidered--Again but this Time By Using the Bible

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  • Big Tex
    Big Tex

    Pardon me while I weep and gnash my teeth.

  • AuldSoul
    Are you worried that someone might see through your apostate lies and trappings?

    Not in the least. I am worried that some posters here who don't know any better will inadvertently cause your sites to have the illusion of greater importance than they should have by boosting the Web rankings with click-throughs from this site (and other sites) with distinct IP addresses from all over the world.

    Of course, you KNOW that is what I am worried about which is why you try and deceive others into believing that my concern is otherwise.

    I am concerned that some may be deceived by your stated falsehoods regarding the Watchtower Society's UN/DPI association. While the Watchtower Society did not become part of the UN, they DID become part of the UN/DPI. Your Web site goes beyond the statements of the Watchtower Society and asserts that they did nothing more than register. The Watchtower Society has NEVER DIRECTLY DENIED being an Associate to the UN/DPI. And a registration is NOT the nature of the relationship they had to the UN/DPI.

    Answer my three questions in my previous post directly, if you think you are right.


  • GetBusyLiving

    :They will hide what needs to be hid and tell you just enough to give you doubts.

    That sums up about 28 years of my life following the JW cult, thirdwitness. I sincerely hope you figure it out for good one day.


  • Frank75
    Thirdwitness: Are you worried that someone might see through your apostate lies and trappings? By all means, lets allow links to all kinds of apostate sites but if anyone puts a link to sites that disprove the apostate lies, then remove them. Hide the truth so you can continue to spread your poison to unwary ones.

    That is not nice. Your own leaders say it is wrong to call someone an apostate.

    Watchtower Magazine Feb 15, 2006 page 31

    “What then did the expression “despicable fool” signify? The word used here sounded similar to a Hebrew term that means “rebellious” or “mutinous.” It designates a person as morally worthless, an apostate and a rebel against God. So the person addressing his fellow as a “despicable fool” is saying that [he] should receive … everlasting destruction. From God’s standpoint, the one uttering such a condemnation against another could merit that severe sentence – everlasting destruction – Himself. (Deut 19:17-19)”

    Bad form indeed. A good look at what happened to Moses for calling the people "apostate" was he lost out on entering his promised land.
    Wouldn't it be a terrible waste if after these 50 pages and your total indoctrination on this 607 Gentile times garbage that you throw all of your "Millenial" hopes away by getting down and dirty with the people here who are just trying to help you?
    Tsk Tsk

  • jayhawk1
    As respects the NGO I found out that the WTS had not done anything wrong and had not lied. Here is the result of my research:

    Personally, I don't care that they was a United Nations NGO. But if that wasn't a problem for them to belong, why did they immediately request out of it when others found out they belonged? Seems like their hand was caught in the cookie jar and they wanted to say they was looking for a vegetable inside.

  • jayhawk1
    AlanF will of course never admit that he is wrong about parousia in Matthew 24 but we all know that he has been shown to be totally and absolutely without a doubt wrong and I believe that he knows it. How could he not? He aint' that stupid. The days of the Son of man = the presence of the Son of man = the days of Noah. Matthew 24 and Luke 17 have shown us that without a doubt and no one has even attempted to argue with that. Because they simply can't unless it would be some ridiculous silly argument.

    I'm not convinced Alan is wrong on it, but I am convinced using presence instead of another word does not offend me.

    Regarding other things like JW child abuse stuff, I am holding my thoughts close to myself on that one. There are a few other things I have chosen never to talk about on this board as it is my business and is not the world's business.

  • jayhawk1
    It is one big lie that you are listening to when you listen to apostates. They are not impartial and they will not fairly present the facts. They will hide what needs to be hid and tell you just enough to give you doubts.

    Seems both sides on this subject are saying this about the other side. Although I have not accused you of this, I do feel there are things the Watchtower Society would just prefer the average publisher to never know about. There just are too many failed speculations (in particular 1975) blemishing the JWs as being credible.

  • Frank75

    OK Thirdwitness, there is a website devoted to explaining and rationalizing the WT membership with the "Scarlet Colored Wild Beast".

    We were all born yesterday and you have come to enlighten us?

    It doesn't matter that a rank and file JW who just got a job to paint the graffiti off of a Church wall would be reproved, even DF'd for doing so, or an overweight dub in a rural town who was told by his doctor to go to the YMCA to exercise is DF'd for interfaith no questions asked, we have to forgive this indiscretion by the WT just because some dub has put together a "guilty with an explanation" excuse?

    Do you know what happens to people who try to explain or rationalize their wrongs to a judicial committees?

    Why isn't this explanation coming from the FDS through the Watchtower? Show some Godly humility and come clean about it?

    The rest of it is all self serving from people who have invested their life in the religious equivalent to Enron. They just refuse to accept that the map they have is a fraud. There is no pot of gold.
    It seems that you have now come somewhat clean, so let me know what you have to say about Luke 21:8? Who does that warning apply to if not the WT organization?

    Help yourself here a little.

    What the hell is wrong with the formatting here. Is this thread like the original Pakman that goes half screen after a certain level like 50 pages?



  • Frank75

    Sorry to add this but the last post i made would not insert this part no matter what I did:

    Most of the people who were disillusioned to hear about the UN fiasco, didn't leave the Dubs, they just called the WT headquarters, the local Bethel or asked their elders. Both WT sources repeatedly denied any involvement at all. In fact I believe even still people are told it is simply not true, they have never joined or been a member, NGO or anything. The elders on the other hand have just DF'd or DA'd any who come forward. I personally know a young couple that only asked about it, were invited to the KH to get an answer and were sent home after 5 minutes DA'd with no explanation. They didn't need to turn off their car it was so quick.


  • jayhawk1

    Frank75, not sure what your specific problem is, but I find I can't copy from Word and paste it here without going through some extra steps. I'm not sure why that is.

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