The Judicial Committee Has Been Formed

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  • LennyinBluemont

    Well, the hard, rusty gears of theocratic justice has begun to turn, and the teeth have caught me. For those of you who read my earlier threads, in February of 2005, a "sister" I had known for almost 30 years contacted me and wanted to know what I had learned in the years since I had faded. After granting me full assurance of confidentiality, in writing, I disclosed to her the UN scandal. She then turned all my emails over to elders in my area. (I'm in Virginia, she's in California, but used to be here.) About a month later, two elders came to visit me and my wife for four hours (session recorded, transcript available) in which they were unable to answer so many questions, and of course, were totally unaware of the UN issue. At the time my wife was still attending meetings. (I stopped in Feb of 01) Then, that was it. Didn't hear a peep out of em. Not until June 27 of this year, when I got a phone call from two other elders (it's kinda scary to be an elder and call somebody all by yourself, ya need to have your buddy with ya as backup), verbally harassing me to confess to attending an anti-war rally (which I didn't, but did support a local peace group, which I didn't volunteer, of course.) The transcript of that phone conversation is also contained on an earlier thread. Interesting they never brought up the UN issue.

    Last Wednesday, the 9th, I got a phone call at work, after my wife had told them I was very busy on an important job. They tied me up for 25 minutes, in front of my customer, who kept staring at me, wondering why I wasn't working on his job. It seems they did some searching on the internet and found an article I had written for the local peace group, which they posted on their web site. Now they had the goods on me and let me know that a Judicial Committee had been formed. (Still no mention of the UN scandal.) They wanted to know when I will meet with them. I told them that as I had mentioned in the previous phone conversation, I would not speak with anyone until the name of my accuser was revealed to me, and the emails mentioned in that conversation were presented for me to examine. If they were refusing to provide that, then I would not be meeting with them.

    Then I had a change of heart, and decided I'd like to go down in flames, making a lot of noise, by using the Committee Hearing as a platform to lambaste the Society for the UN deal, of course, recording the whole event. But now, the weekend has passed, and I've decided that even the cathartic value of that confrontation may not be worth the perception in their eyes that I am continuing to submit to this corrupt arrangement. My refusal to attend their inquisition, I guess, will be my final act of rebellion. And so, 30 years of Watchtower slavery comes to an end. All thoughts welcome.

  • DocBob

    Hi Lenny,

    When I was invited to appear before a committee to face charges of apostacy, I sent them a long legal letter. I haven't heard from them since. See my letter at


  • KW13

    ah, they are a pain in the ass, sorry that you've had this hassle! and that sister, she let ya down bad

  • jayhawk1

    Wow Doc Bob, that was the best letter I have ever seen! I will save it in case I ever need to use something like it. Your letter was simply amazing. I was reading it thinking about the Elders who no doubt had to ask the Legal Dept what to do. Of course the Legal Dept would just tell them to let it drop unless he (you) becomes a flaming apostate standing on the street corner with a bull horn and picket signs.

  • skeeter1

    DocBob, Excellent & Cudos to you.

  • Crumpet

    Hi there Lenny - what madness that they still pursue you like this! Is your wife out now too?

    I personally would not attend any Judicial except for the purpose of confrontation and would insist on it being recorded.

  • Finally-Free

    Personally I would not attend a JC, or carry on any dialogue with them. What's the point? You won't change their thinking any more than they will change yours. They will most likely df you no matter what. The purpose of the kangaroo court is to berate you. It's their last chance to take a few kicks at you. Why allow it? And why tolerate their calling you at work?

    By all means, write a letter if you wish, and send it via registered mail, but the letter should serve your purposes alone - legal purposes - perhaps advising them that harassment and trespassing will be prosecuted. If you wish to make a statement about the society, it's doctrines, and policies, then make it to someone who may care - send letters to every JW you know except elders. They'll hear about it from the others.


  • fullofdoubtnow

    I wouldn't go anywhere near their jc. Just let then do what we know they're going to do, and enjoy your freedom. Show them that you're not going to be ruled by them anymore.

    Good luck!


  • willyloman

    Man, what is going on e? First AlanF and Hillary Step start posting again, and now Doc Bob shows up! I'm in JWD nostalgia heaven. I knew things would turn around here. They always do.

  • plmkrzy

    She then turned all my emails over to elders in my area

    What a colossal BITCH!

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