The Judicial Committee Has Been Formed

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  • diamondblue1974

    By attending any form of official meeting with them you are submitting to their authority and allowing them to exercise power over you; total rejection of their self appointed authority sends a huge message in my view.

    Tell them where to stick their so called judicial committee!


  • truthsetsonefree

    An interesting idea Elsewhere. On a related issue, when my spouse and I sought couples therapy, the JWs became a main topic of conversation. I spoke so much about the culture of squealing that we have that our therapist specially told my spouse that our conversations in therapy were strictly confidential and that that standard applied not just to him but us as well. I'm not sure if the therapist was speaking about legal confidentiality but it seemed to me at the time like he may have been.

  • Lady Liberty
    Lady Liberty

    Dear Lenny,

    Wow! That is quite a story! I know what you are going through, we have been through simular 4 hour meetings as well. Taped the whole thing too. Our issue was on 607. Which they admitted on tape that there was no proof for! It has been 7 months since they have returned, and at the last district convention (which was the first one we did not attend), I just found out that not only was a close friends husband cornered by the P.O. about our association with them, but my Grandmother was brought into the "official" D.O., P.O., Elder meeting at the assembly to interigate her about us!! UNBELIEVABLE!!! The lies and slander being spread about us are crazy! According to the latest rumors, we are printing literature, started a new religon, and now have a web site thats called "The True Jehovahs witnesses"!!! Can you believe it?? Of course it is ALL lies, but they feed on this crap!! Now for sure they will be back! And boy do I have a earfull for them when they do! There will be NO meeting with us! Not now!! Far too mauch time has gone by, and far too much slander that they have allowed to go on, for me to be willing to submit to a interogation! I too wanted to blast them with all the things I never told them about that we discovered. But after a recent 4 hour hollaring match with my Aunt, being called a "voice of a stranger", and an "apostate', I have had my fill of ABUSE! I refuse to be degrated anymore! I am taking the most painful stand for truth that I ever could imagine. This certainly isn't the easy route. But it is what I have to do before Jehovah. Standing up for truth and what is right. I have finally reached the end of my rope and do not feel I need to battle with anyone about my relationship with my God! Anyhow... boy I guess I needed to vent! Sorry! I am sure you share to a great measure my frustration! It is like trying to stop a ringing bell! Or trying to stop a train by standing on the tracts with your hand out. Even if you could reach every person that has heard this garbage, they would refuse to believe it was lies. The slander and lies are far too "juicy" to let go of. Hang in there, keep us posted!


    Lady Liberty

  • LennyinBluemont

    Lady Liberty,

    Thank you for the empathy. I'm sorry they're giving you a hard time, too. Printing your own literature, eh? It reminds me of how they dissed those that were "cleaned out" in 1980, followed by insinuations of wife-swapping, homosexuality, etc.

    Elsewhere, what about the elders passing around these emails, plainly identified as confidential. Each time it's passed from one to the next without my permission, isn't ecclesiastical confidentiality being trivialized yet again and made meaningless? They've admitted on tape having emails I've written. I really would like to get them on tape admitting to having these specific emails, where the recipient promised me confidentiality. Of course, I kept a copy of the entire exchange with that Cretan. (Oops, I think I've offended Cretans by classifying her with them!) But really, how can they claim ecclesiastical confidentiality, when they violate it with impunity? (I'd much rather go after the elders.)


  • Forscher

    Lady Liberty,
    Look at the exalted company you joined! all the same stuff that could be said in 1981 was said about Ray Franz! Great company indeed!!!!

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