The Judicial Committee Has Been Formed

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  • xjwms

    Thank you for posting this

    It helps confirm things for me


    Very few know I post here...and the rest of my business my business.

    I'd hate to go through what is coming for you

  • done4good

    Don't give them the opportunity for the JC. All that accomplishes is giving "power" to them under thier self-imposed system. If they df you anyway, as others have said, enjoy your freedom. Yes, it does have it's downside, (loss of family, friends, etc), but as has been said many times here, what good are conditional "friends" anyway?


  • minimus

    Lenny, good for you! I can understand the mixed emotions but we all know the JC is rigged against you. You could threaten them with legal action but from what I've seen ANYONE that broadcasts the UN debacle is on his way out.

  • jgnat

    There's something delicious about blowing off a Judicial Committee. Think about this. It took them YEARS to get around to doing something about you, and they went in to HOURS of effort collecting the information, and you're just not interested any more.

  • Mary

    Excellent letter Doc Bob!! That was utterly fantastic. I think everyone facing a JC (who doesn't want to), should write a similiar letter or at least get legal advice.

    a "sister" I had known for almost 30 years contacted me and wanted to know what I had learned in the years since I had faded. After granting me full assurance of confidentiality, in writing, I disclosed to her the UN scandal. She then turned all my emails over to elders in my area.

    First of all, i concur what someone else already said: what a beotch. Second of all if you had her assurance in writing that what you said would be kept confidential, I'm wondering if you can sue this female Judas for Breach of Trust or Breach of Confidentiality......

  • DocBob
    Wow Doc Bob, that was the best letter I have ever seen! I will save it in case I ever need to use something like it. Your letter was simply amazing. I was reading it thinking about the Elders who no doubt had to ask the Legal Dept what to do. Of course the Legal Dept would just tell them to let it drop unless he (you) becomes a flaming apostate standing on the street corner with a bull horn and picket signs

    The basics of that letter came to me one night back in 1995 when I was early in my exit from the [B]org. I knew that someday I would end up being invited to appear before a committee and I wanted something all ready for that occasion. Part of my reason for writing it was to get the elders I had served with to realize just how much legality is built into the WT "judicial" system and how they could be subject to some legal exposure. I'd have loved to have been a fly on the wall when the elders got that one - and also the first letter I sent to 70 of my old JW friends that earned me the invitation to appear before the committee. That is Letter 1 on my site.
    Several people have used the legal letter with good success, so I suspect that the legal department is familiar with it at this point. In every case I know of where someone had not already met with a committee and they sent that letter or portions of it to the committee, the judicial action stopped. What I suspect happens is that the elders either make that generic announcement "Brother/Sister ...... has, by their actions, shown that they no long wish to be one of Jehovah's Witnesses" or they give a "special needs" talk about the situation. The copyright announcement that you may or may not have noticed on my site is built into the hosting software. Anyone who wishes can use whatever parts of that letter they want. If you do use it, please let me know how it worked.

  • AK - Jeff
    AK - Jeff

    Lenny -

    Sorry to hear of the recent 'hounding'. I am going thru similar right now - though for the moment I have not had any recent contact. I suspect they will soon find a legal way to just 'execute' us 'faders' without even bothering with a JC. I know some have had that experience already.

    Doc Bob - very nice letter - and thanx for the open invite to use all or part of it - I may do so soon.


  • 144001

    Lenny, Congratulations on your graduation!!! You've wasted enough of your life on the slavery and negativity that is the Watchtower, now go out and have a blast, but remember to bring along a designated driver!

  • Elsewhere

    Here is what you can do:

    Contact a lawyer and sue the sister for violation of your Clergy Privilege. She is, after all, an Ordained Minister, and you were talking to her about religious matters in a context in which confidentiality was expect.

    Sounds like a rock-solid case to me.

  • jayhawk1

    I have used information from other sites in the past regading JWs. For instance, recently I had a college speech. In the speech I used a few points from the JW Blood site. I let Lee Elder know in advance that I would be using some things on his site and I would be sure to credit his site in the speech. The same would go for your site too. If I ever needed all or part of your letter (and hopefully I never do) I will send an email letting you know exactly what I wish to use and why.

    Oh, and in the speech I got an A. It was one of my most passionate speeches I ever have given.

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