Did anyone meet brother Ted Jaracz, what's he like?

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  • Athanasius

    I met Jaracz back in 1974. At the time he was new to the GB, having been appointed the previous year. I didn't think he was anything special. Jaracz impressed me as a typical Watchtower company man. But like Lord Acton said: "Power tends to corrupt. Absolute power corrupts, absolutely." Jaracz and his GB buddies proved Lord Acton right.

  • moggy lover
    moggy lover

    The same unreliable source who spoke to Auld Soul told me that Jaracz is known to have a brilliant mind.............................. until he makes it up !!

    I can't confirm this since I never met the man.

    Do I look like I'm mortified ???


  • Dagney

    He was our CO in the late 60's and gave my baptism talk.

    I sat at his table twice when I visited Bethel. He did not converse at all. Nuttin. He looked mortified one day with us all sitting there waiting until his wife came. I think he is shy on top of being old and puritanical. He gave the closing remarks at our DC a few years ago. It was clinical at best.

    We were spoiled because we had Sidlik several times at our DC, as well as he was a visitor to our hall over the years. When he talked it felt like he was giving you a hug, and I think he really meant to. One day he said in that booming voice "You people are BEAUTIFUL!! God bless you!!"

    Dagney, from the "can't understand why you can't pat the flock on the back" class.

  • IW

    Ted's arrogance outshines his bald head. Pity those who are forced to work with him.

  • freetosee

    My brief encounter was positive. For a early 90ties special convention in Germany seven GB members visited. Jaracz and Henchel came to our hall unannounced. We had many visitors that day due to the convention ahead. I was there early to prepare the mics and literature. Henchel came in alone and early while the hall was still empty, he was tall and wore a hat. He went straight to the second row from the back and sat by the window. I thought he was a disfellowshipped person because of his shy behaviour. Not being sure I went over to say hello to him. Henchel stood up and shook by hand but shied away from a conversation. When the PO came he told me Henchel will be giving the talk and asked if he had arrived. I said I don’t know, don’t think so. Only briefly before the meeting started did we realise who the old man in the back of the hall was. Every one was exited and nervous, especially the elders. I thought, wow, MG is really humble.

    Jaracz entrance was very different, he came not long before the meeting started and had a delegation following him. Every eye turned to see the GB member. The PO welcomed him and told TJ how privileged we feel about his visit. And that was very true! The PO told me that now Jaracz will deliver the talk and what song to be played. Then TJ spoke the opening prayer. I was disappointed by his talk, because I thought COs are good speakers, the DOs are even better, so the GBs should be the very best. His talk was ok but not what I expected it to be like. In his talk he said that he was Christian (don’t remember the domination) before he became jw and never read the bible then. Only through the society did he learn to find scriptures and understand and use them. Henchel gave the concluding prayer after the wt study.

    Now they were both surrounded by all in attendance. I felt privileged to sake TJ’s hand, he gave a warm handshake and continued to the next person. It was impossible to converse, since everybody wanted to meet them. The GB members seemed friendly, I was more disturbed by the behaviour of the people around them. Jaracz seemed much more important then Henchel, I thought it was due to age. fts

  • truthsetsonefree

    A good friend who knows Jaracz tells me that the moment one comes into his presence one can feel the coldness coming from him. He tends to project harshness and firmness. It is interesting hearing this person describe Br. Jaracz since this individual likes him. Imagine what his enemies say....

  • hopelesslystained

    1968, he had already been our district overseer for a few years. He and melita staying in our home often.

    I was 18, my Dad, was the presiding overseer. I had been dating a witness boy, he was into pottery and apparently smoking the 'weed'. I had a hot '67 fastback corvette and this witness boy had left one of his 'pipes'he had designed in the back of my vet, unbeknownst to me. I hadn't smoked or even cared about it.

    My best friend at the time saw it and reported to my dad. She never bothered to say anything to me. Needless to say, all hell broke out.

    At that time, and having been raised jw, I did not have any real opinion about smoking and was not quick to condem it. I didn't know anything about it.

    Since I was deemed 'rebellious' in my attitude, (because I became defensive about the whole accusation) Dad called a 'tribunal' which was headed by Ted Jaracz. It went on for hours. I finally just started crying uncontrollably. They were taking my sense of ME, away. Teddy sent my dad and the circuit overseer out of the room and proceeded to tell me that if i did not clearly state to all three of them that marijuana was of the devil and that i would never have anything to do with it again, Teddy would be forced to remove my dad from his position as presiding overseer.

    At the time, i wanted very badly to be accepted by the org and to live forever, but, i also recognized the man in front of me as being a manipulator over which I had no control. My Dad loved his position in the cong and really felt he was doing the right thing. I loved my Dad and did not wish to cause him hurt. So I succomed.

    That experience told me there was no chance a loving god was behind the operations of jehovah's witnesses.
    When I later heard Jaracz was the 'head of the org' I knew I would not have any more to do with it.

    Ted Jaracz was and is my "stumbling block"!

    (sorry for the missed caps and spelling)this is still very emotional for me...

  • M.J.

    Sorry a bit off-topic but I was wondering exactly how to pronounce his last name.



    Or am I completely off?

  • IP_SEC

    J air as MJ

  • hopelesslystained

    pronounced: jerr'azz

    quickly, with the accent on the azz

    or were you not serious???

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