Did anyone meet brother Ted Jaracz, what's he like?

by jason bourne 31 Replies latest jw experiences

  • Fangorn

    I understand that the light dims when he comes into a room, there's the sound of distant chanting and the smell of death, his eyes glow with an eerie green light and fluorescent liquid drips from his fangs. Strong men have been known to faint at the sight of him.

  • cruzanheart
    Think about it Ted Kazynski (Unibomber)... Ted Bundy (Serial Killer)... Ted Jaracz (family destroyer)...

    . . . Ted Kennedy . . .


  • AuldSoul

    Well, I heard he has every Smurf doll ever made stashed in a secret room in his Bethel apartment where he has built a shrine to Smurfette, his one true lust. But I heard it from a very unreliable source, so it is probably not true.

  • Arthur

    Did anybody here see the video clip from BBC News? (You can view it on Silent Lambs)

    A female BBC reporter walked up to Jaracz right after he came down off the stage after a talk at a D.C. to challenge him about the current pedophile policies. Man, oh, man did he look pissed. He was really gruff with her. I don't think someone like him has ever experienced a female challenge him like that before. You could see him really start to get worked up. Shortly thereafter, he was whisked off by an entourage of robotic GB groupies.

    You know what I would love to see? I would love to see someone do to him or another GB what many European political protesters have done to politicians. Have you seen them; the "Countering Lies With Pies" demonstrations, where they will put a pie in the person's face? This would be hilarious.

    Let it be known here, that I am not suggesting to anyone that they put a pie in anyone's face. I'm just saying that I would love to watch it!

  • Gill

    If Mr Jaracz is as he is described by people who have met him, it certainly explains a lot about the way the WTBTS.

    It seems they are taking the story of making a huge profit for the 'Master's Return' literally in their business dealings.

    Arthur - Yes....I remember that Panorama programme and Ted's reaction to the lady reporter's questions. It is seared in my mind like yesterday. I realised what arse holes Jehovah's Witnesses really are. I left completely a few weeks later.

  • fullofdoubtnow

    I remember that Panorama clip as well. I sat there thinking "and I've spent over half my life in the same organisation as an a$$hole like him.."

    He seems a pretty cold guy, I wouldn't want to meet him.

  • thecarpenter

    I know a bethel who has dealings with Jaracz and he mentioned that same thing about Jaracz's coldness. He said that there was a complete difference when you walked into dan sydlik's office (when he was alive of course)

  • tazmaniac

    Can someone create a link for the Jaracz video clip on silent lambs. I couldnt find it.

  • cruzanheart

    Just think, y'all, TJ is supposedly one of ones with whom we would have the PRIVILEGE of living forever, if we had stayed with the Witnesses. Now, come on, raise your hands: how many of you want to spend eternity with him? And the many thousands upon thousands who seek to emulate him?

    For those of you who are newly out and wondering if you did the right thing, this might put it in perspective for you.


  • fjtoth

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