Any Dubs in your Hall that were puportedly "Demonized"?

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  • james_woods

    We had a family in the old congregation that got disfellowshipped for demonism. Mother, Father and Daughter - all at once. The story was that they were going to some native american "witch doctor" medicine man. He was giving them some weird kind of herbal tea stuff for all their psycho-babble percieved illnesses. The congregation committee found it out when they tried to promote it to some other people in the local halls - they got called on and told to stop it, but they really believed it was helping them and would not quit.

    So, in effect, three people got disfellowshipped for being gullible hypochrondriacs!

    Although I have posted this one before (under threads which took up the issue of congregation committees who took up an axe to grind on some person who was not popular).

    But, it seemed to belong on this thread, too. The funny thing was that no real paranormal events were reported to be taking place - the issue was that they just would not do what the congregation presiding overseer told them to.


  • Wordly Andre
    Wordly Andre

    Oh I have something else

    When the Passion of the Christ came out in the movie theaters, I went to go see it, great movie. I got an email from my JW Niece, (she is one of those crazy ass dubs who freaks out over the smallest things and likes to make a big scene over her crazy beliefs), she told me that she went to go see this movie, (not having known that I've already seen it) and she does not reccommend any one to go see this movie because its Demonized and she and her JW friend ran out of the theater and demanded their money back yelling and crying that the movie was Demonized.

    Who would have thought a moive about Jesus would be Demonized????

  • freedomlover

    monkeyshine -

    ****You can't forget about the giant wooden fork and spoon (from a yard sale, Jamaica, wherever) story that had me spooked every time I went to a friends house who had them as a kid. ****

    LOL! I forgot about those things! everybody did have them......

    what is the demon story behind those? I never heard that one..

  • xjwms

    The only demonized ones I know

    is the

    Elder body.

  • okie46

    In the early 80's the "Demon" craze was really thick in Oklahoma. When my oldest son was 2-1/2, he thought he was "Superman" and jumped off his bed during the night and broke his collarbone, then shortly thereafter, my daughter who was 9 months old, fell while trying to climb out of her crib. An Elder who was in the McAlester cong. told my ex-husband and I that the demons were responsible for this and also our lack of progress spiritually. This Elder and another brother came over and inspected our house and asked us a bunch of questions, the Elder freaked out when our WT literature wasn't on display (I had it in an enclosed cabinet)and told us we should have our literature out in the open. Then the Elder decided that my Grandparents were the reason for "our demon problem" because my Grandparents had a Ouija board in their garage. The Elder said that anything my Grandparents had given us was demonized and we should get rid of it. By the time the deal was over with, I was told to get rid of almost everything I owned of value, furniture, silverware, wedding gifts, etc., because this Elder was sure that it was all demon possessed because family members that were not JW's had given the stuff to us. Being meek and uneducated young marrieds who had both been raised as JW's, we did what the brothers said and for years refused any gifts from my Grandparents thinking they were demonized. We were terrified. Now I think back on all of this and I am really pissed off because I got rid of silverware given to me by my Grandmother that now would be such a treasure to have because of the memories. Idiots.

  • hamsterbait

    Like the story of the African Sister, 12 members of her family were "killed by demons" according to the "Wicked Spirits" brochure.

    No evidence. Nothing about the police Dept take on the case. Itis "Believe or DIE at Armageddy!!"

    Turns out she was a somnambulistic Schizophrenic. She was gatting up in her sleep and smothering members of her family.


    JW are more superstitious than witch Doctors. And don't cure nobody.


  • FreedomFrog

    Ok, well, I don't know how much this story is stretched since I was a bit too young to remember. I'm relating this from my Dub parents.

    When my parents started studying with the JW we all lived in an apt. My dad started having nightmares and seeing "smoke" rolling under the doors. The elder that was studying with him said that it could be an apt. that was demonized. Sure enough, the neighbors that my folks were good friends with had a Buddha God sitting on their TV. They moved out promptly and the apt. burned down 2 weeks later.

    Anyway, that's the story I was told. Maybe the Gods were trying to tell my parents the JW's were demonized... hmmm

  • mrsjones5

    When I was younger and still in my parents' house we had some old clothes that we gave to a cousin of my mother (they are jws too). Come to find out that they threw out the clothes, not because the stuff was crap (we gave them some pretty good stuff) but because voices were coming from the bags of clothes we gave them. Yep that's right, the clothes were demonized.

    Needless to say I always thought they were and still are one hoop shy of a three ring circus.


  • mkr32208

    This is so bad... Funny but bad!

    We had a super overzealous CO back in the late 80's who was death on anything worldly and insane about demons (I've mentioned him before those that lived in upstate NY in the 80's are sure to know who I mean) Anyway after many of his insane rants people would throw away TONS of tapes, movies and books. Well I didn't ever go in for that even as a witness I knew foolish when i heard it (for the most part anyway, I did get rid of a few things but not because they were demonized more on that later) anyway, I lived near some "wealthy" (at least by my families standards) witnesses and they were really gung-ho, father an elder daughters both pioneers etc... So after the CO meetings I would walk the 3/4 of a mile or so to their house and go through their garbage and 'sift' for good stuff! I got tons of great stuff but once I got a really good stash of porn! At 13 or 14 that was AWESOME!

    As to the stuff I through out I got rid of a def leppard tape that said quite clearly after one of the songs "Jesus Christ, go to hell" I didn't think it was demonic but I did think it was in very poor taste for someone who had 'died for my sins.' I also got rid of my Stephen King books once but that was just to get my soon to be mother in law to STFU so I could marry her daughter. About 6 months after the wedding I got them all back! In hardcover this time!

  • mkr32208

    Something I just thought of! This is an ongoing (or was until they just about stopped speaking to me) argument with my folks about demonic garbage!

    My dad is death on any thing to do with witchcraft. Even like the wizard of Oz is out can't have anything to do with it! Yet the man looks at porn all the damn time! I have to work on their computer on occasion and the IE history would make your hair fall out (not mine since I'm a porn head too but I don't try to HIDE it!) anyway the stuff he looks at is HARDCORE with GREED! (isn't that the new decider if you looked at it with greed? or lust or some such?) Any way my argument with him is that demons didn't become demons to live in empty houses and promote witchcraft and levitate old furniture they became demons... FOR HOT NAKED CHICKS!

    So what is more likely to get demons into the house? Looking at Harry potter movies or a stack of old hustlers? DEMONS BECAME DEMONS FOR SEX! Not to get Dorthy home!

    That's why I never understood the allure of these stories! Why didn't the sex toys ever fly around? Why no demonic vibrator? I mean that's what they were here for right?! And if the demons were going to 'molest' some single sister why was it never the hot young sisters? Why was it always the woman who could've walked naked through the mean streets of Detroit unmolested? You know the one 140lbs overweight, lazy eye, hair all sticking up on one side and her dress tucked in the top of her pantyhose! I mean are demons BLIND!?

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