Any Dubs in your Hall that were puportedly "Demonized"?

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  • restrangled

    Heres a funny story.

    Many years ago I was in New York on business alone, late at night in an old hotel room reading the book "The Shining". This was before the movie ever came out. The book was much more detailed and hair raising. I was at the part where the shower curtain was pulled to the side to reveal some bloody massacre in the tub. At that very moment I heard the shower rings being scraped across the rod in my bathroom. I didn't sleep all night.

    I thought for sure it was the demons and I was paying for reading such a book.

    The next morning I heard the same sound while in the bathroom......It was coming from the next room, the bathrooms shared a wall.

    I was so relieved! :)


  • katiekitten
    They stood there in disbelief (like they wouldn't run for there lives) and a minute later the CAT came to the door and said "Didn't you here the dog, get out of here".

    That is such a great story! I truly wish it were true.

    But everyone who has ever watched a cartoon knows the cat wouldnt be supporting the dog. The cat would do something like stand behind the dog doing the 'hes mental' paw sign against his ear. DUH!

    We had a sister in our cong who had a spell of mental illness and we thought she was demonised - very cruel in retrospect, as she obviously needed professional help, and all she got was castigation.

  • Sailor Ripley
    Sailor Ripley

    Okay, group... much better stories! ...but alas, no floating beds yet. I'm going to call someone, that will still speak to me, and find out what else went on with the "demonized souls" in my congo.


    I know your pain. Doing something wrong/perceived wrong and then something weird happening is a crappy feeling. I used to feel I was being punished for stupid stuff too. My first, ahem, "encounter" with a chick obviously ended rather quickly and while I showered, to get Satan off of me, my cassette player stopped. I had on Houses of the Holy by Zeppelin. I looked at the counter and I'll be damned if it didn't stop on 666. Whooo, whooo. I think I threw up too.

    I really hated feeling bad all the time, never living for the day; always for the New Freakin' System... my a$$

    Keep 'em comin'. I am having a great time reading your stories.

  • restrangled

    I have a floating bed story, experienced by myself, ...but it didn't float, it was spinning.

    I am not ready to tell this story tonight, maybe tomorrow. I will eventually give you the particulars. Extreme 3rd generation family, visiting Bethel bigwig to our home, my bedroom given to relegated to a matress in the basement.

    Scary stuff even now.


  • outoftheorg

    I guess that most of you know that my wife just died from cancer. I have to let you know this so that I don't have to defend myself for letting a PREACHER IN MY HOUSE.

    He is part of the Hospice operations and tries to help those who face death. My wife was not a church goer but she did have strong religious beliefs and he could be of some emotional help to her.

    Anyway, He Stopped By a few days ago. He asked me why I didn't show much interest in his attempts to be of use to my wife and I during this difficult time. I tell him that one reason was that I didn't like his comment about " well keep smiling " to me as he left the very first time he came. Actually it pissed me off.

    I tell him that I don't see the need for Organized religions as my wife had told him. This led to a discussion about the jw's and then about his beliefs.

    The first things he brought up were DEAMONS as he said he had seen them at work in some visits he made. Maybe he was talking about me???

    Then it went to how psychologists tend to damage ones religious beliefs, which caused me to point out that some religions are so damaging to ones mental health that they need a psychologist.

    It amazed me that he sounded like some elders that I have known. All wound up in the fear of demons and psychologists.

    I didn't think to ask him if he had checked his house lately for possibly demonized furniture or such.

    I wonder if he will come again. Should I be a little easier on him?

  • restrangled


    I feel this is not the the proper place to be posting, but here goes:

    I did not understand your experience with Hospice. When I was helping nurse my Father and hospice was involved they were amazing. They could not have been more giving, understanding or loving.

    My father was on liquid morphine which is monitered by the Feds. When he died I had to verify that the last of the drug was flushed down the toilet by the care taker....which it was.

    I will never forget Playing Chopins' Fantasie Impromptu for him.....He loved it. I was in the middle of playing and he died when the Hospice nurse came in and stopped me. I have never been able to play it through again.

    For those of you who are familiar with music, this is one of his most difficult pieces.

    I am sorry for anyone here losing anyone to cancer. IT IS THE ABSOLUTE WORST EXPERIENCE.


  • outoftheorg

    Hi Restrangled.

    Hospice and the Hospice nurse were just wonderful. They deserve to be up there with the best of all societies.

    This was a church minister that they will arrange to come if one asks for it. My wife even though she did not attend a church had her strong beliefs.

    She wanted him to come and do his thing for her. With her beliefs it did a lot to compose her and helped her handle the trials of knowing she was dying.

    He also wanted to help me but with my disgust for organized religion, it was of no help for me. I didn't try to destroy his beliefs, I just didn't participate.


  • Fleur

    (((((outofthebord and restrangled))))) I'm sorry that you had to go through that.

    OOTB you said "I guess that most of you know that my wife just died from cancer. I have to let you know this so that I don't have to defend myself for letting a PREACHER IN MY HOUSE."

    Why should you have to defend yourself for that? You're not in the borg anymore, who you let in your house is your own business honey!

    Sounds like the preacher is recruiting for his church. and not very good at it! How anyone could tell anyone else to keep smiling with a terminally ill spouse...I would want to smack them upside the head for their insensitivity. I'd ask him how many people he loved he'd watch suffer like that? I bet not any or he wouldn't make such an assinine comment.

    About the demons mother is convinced that my father is demonized and all her children are demonized because of being his offspring. She thinks that every time a lightbulb burns out that the demons persecuting her.

    I think she hears voices and needs medication and doesn't believe it.

    I think a lot of mentally ill JW's think that their mental health issues are 'persecution' from demons.

    God, I I wish I had all the stuff back that my mother made me throw out. Some of it would be worth big bucks now (star wars collectables from the seventies.) Though it was okay she made my sister throw out her Styx albums...I didn't cry too hard over that LOL


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