Any Dubs in your Hall that were puportedly "Demonized"?

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  • done4good

    ***I'll bring all my Eagle's albums and my ELP, Brain Salad Surgery. Remember the Medusa/Predator-like chick once you folded open the tabs? ...oh and a couple of Styx albums and we'll be all set.***

    Based the the above, (and several other albums), I should have a house full of demons.


  • zenpunk

    My parents used to have burn fests for anything they bought and later thought was "demonized". I was of a very independent mind, even before I was a teenager and my parents were constantly blaming that on demons getting into the house through used items and would look for stuff to burn in a bonfire in the yard. One night I sat up with my father half the night while he played records backward on the record player looking for subliminal messages from the demons. Crazy stuff.

  • Justice-One
    And here is a person who feels entirely competent to have weapons in his home as defense.

    For one thing, I USED to have this problem. And when I did, I did not keep a weapon beside the bed. Maybe you should read posts just a little bit closer before you throw turds like the above. BTW, go screw yourself.

  • Justice-One
    Amazing how you are twenty-two times more likely to kill someone you know than an actual attacker.

    Horse hockey. That tired old horse of a statistic was proved untrue more than 10 years ago. Maybe you should get your "facts" somewhere other than the liberal media or anti-gun sites.

  • mama1119

    My Dad told me once when my Mom was really sick a bunch of "sisters" came over and checked the house to see if any demo stuff was causing her to be sick. Weird, I think it was the JW that were causing her to be sick..

  • Warlock


    Why even answer the MORON?


  • Justice-One
    Why even answer the MORON?

    I have no idea. But maybe it's the fact that such stupidity really rubs me the wrong way before I've had my second cup of coffee, (aka Nectar Of The Gods.)

  • undercover

    I've experienced the condition where you wake up and you can't move or speak. It's like your awake but your body is still in a sleep coma or somthing.

    Its only happened like 3 or 4 times and when I was still in the "truth". And I thought it was the demons...dumb ole me. I remember trying to say "Jehovah Jehovah Jehovah" outloud but couldn't make my mouth work to get it out and only weird inaudible sounds came out. My wife thought I was have a nightmare and would shake me until I could finally move, not knowing that I wanted to move but couldn't.

    Much later, I learned about the condition and realized that that was what I experienced.

    I've heard stories over the years of someone's grandmother who lived in Canada or a friend of a friend in another congregation that experienced demon activity but I never met anyone who said that they themselves experienced it. Nothing like some good ole JW urban legends to keep the myth of active demons around.

    I remember a CO who told the story of how his wife thought their home (before joining the circuit work) was demonized. She woke up every night with the bed shaking. She would then wake her husband. By the time he was awake the shaking had stopped. This went on for several nights, every night. She was starting to freak out over it. So one night the husband made it a point to try to stay awake to witness the activity himself. Sure enough, in his half awake/half asleep state he felt the bed start to shake...his wife immediately grabbed him but he was already on the move to see what was going on. Well, our ghost busting future CO discovered the "demon" and his was their big, overweight cat sitting on the foot of the bed, cleaning himself. Apparently, when the wife awoke and started shaking her husband awake, the cat jumped down and left the room.

  • Sailor Ripley
    Sailor Ripley

    These stories are way too logical. Where are all the people that have demons? As a kid, I remember hearing so many stories of demonized shat everywhere. It's perplexing how so many people can whole-heartedly believe so much crapola for so long.

    There has to be at least one person on JWD that's seen a bed float... Surely! C'mon. Don't tell me I have to go to a Worldy [sic] site to find actions of the paranormal.

  • Wordly Andre
    Wordly Andre

    Damn I think my computer is Demonized!!!

    ok I will try this again:

    I heard a story a few years ago from a JW, she was telling us a story of a Dub family who were being attacked by demons, they were a younger couple who just had a baby, they started hearing voices and were being jolted awake in the middle of the night by bed shaking, they would see lights turning on in the house, doors slamming, rocking chair moving like someone was in it, typical haunting stuff, they contacted the elders to come over and help them, the elders suggested keeping the bible next to the bed open to some scripture, and calling out for Jehovah, then things got worse, she said that one night the wife went to go check on the baby and the baby was inside the fish tank and all the water was floating in the air above, she yelled out and grabbed the baby, they ran out of the house that night.

    She told me it was either the wife's mom or the husbands mom, well one of the moms was not a witness and she was into witchcraft and was using demons to attack them, and scare them away from the ORG.

    I think the imagination of some Dubs is very powerful, and its always I heard from this Sister who heard it from this other sister who heard it from another in some other Kingdumb hall,

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