Nearly Lost my Son Yesterday

by XJW4EVR 49 Replies latest jw friends

  • chuckie77

    Im so glad hes ok! I can understand all that you must be going through!

    Ive been a paramedic for almost 9 years and every time I go to accidents caused by drivers who are DUI my blood boils. Fortunately in Australia they have what are termed "booze buses" where police will set up roadside testing facilities and stop all traffic passing on those roads to conduct random breath tests. If the test comes back as being positive for breath alcohol, the police will take them to the local hospital for blood tests, or, if the booze bus is set up, will take bloods then and there. The rate of DUI accidents has plummeted since police were given these powers.

    I believe that doesnt happen in the States but would be a good thing if it did. Way too many people take way too many chances when they have been drinking, then decide to get in the car and drive home. I dont care if these people kill or injure themseelves from their own stupidity, its the people that are the inoocent ones I get emotional over.

  • Forscher

    Oh my exJW!!!
    Good thing he is al;ive and not crippled! Give him my wishes for a speedy recovery!

  • FreedomFrog

    I hope that irresponsible person gets the max for his crime.

    Thank goodness your son wasn’t hurt worse than he could have been. Being a mom, I can only imagine if that happened to one of my kids. We have kids that live across from us that don’t look both ways while crossing the streets here on their bikes. Even though this is a quiet neighborhood, too many people drive faster than suppose to and I have a fear that one of those kids are going to get hit one day. I get so angry at this and I have been tempted putting spikes in the road.

    Best wishes to your family hun. I hope he recovers quickly.



    XJW...I'm so glad to hear that he's o.k. I have 2 sons and always worry about that phone call....

    Hope the person does some time for driving under the influence!!!!


  • fullofdoubtnow


    I am so sorry that this happened to your son, but very happy that he wasn't too badly hurt. I wish him a speedy recovery.


  • SixofNine

    Best wishes for your son's speedy recovery; I'm so glad he's going to be alright. I can only imagine how frightening that call would be.

  • bebu

    Wow, that is scary!!! Getting a call from a paramedic is a gripping moment, and can make the heart simply pound!

    Thank God that he will be alright!!


  • LovesDubs

    ohmygod!! Im so sorry! How terrifying! My oldest just started driving this year and you just cant be with them all all the time. I always told him it isnt HIM I dont have faith in...its the rest of the idiots out there. :(

    So glad to hear he wasnt more severely hurt. Let us know how he does.

  • Sunnygal41

    i am sooooo sorry that this happened to your absolutely horrifying.........we have extremely strict DUI laws here in CT, for which I'm extremely grateful. I'm glad that he is alive!


  • oldflame

    I can relate with this as my youngest son when he was 8 years old was riding his bike and was hit by a drunk driver. You were lucky that a cop was there to see it all happen because the person who hit my son was never caught. There were witnesses but none noticed his license plate and he/she drove off leaving my son there to die. He ended up having some trouble with his brain because he had been hit in the head by the car and we almost lost him too. So I can relate with this and I am glad as hell that sorry sack of shit got caught.

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