Thirdwitness -- An Agent of the Governing Body?

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    Alan, i didn't post that article "defending" the society's policy on child abuse. If you had read it, i clearly said that i'm no apologis (i think that's how you spell it) of the WTBTS. There's no doubt that the WTS have some serious issues on there hands. But thanks for mentioning me

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    You may not have originally written it, but you did post it.


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    Ooops! That's what i was trying to say, thanks AuldSoul. By the way i havn't heard from 3W in a while. Do you think there re-grouping? I love conspiracy theories.

  • Leolaia

    Since thirdwitness mentioned me in his message, I should also say with AlanF that I do not do cut'n'pastes of material from fact, I don't have any material elsewhere. All the posts I did in the 607/Egypt/Tyre thread were written afresh (such as the lengthy #7742), and all my long lengthy research threads are also never cut'n'pastes. If I ever do any cutting, it is from older threads on this board which I want to reuse some of my material, but I usually adapt it to the new thread or rewrite it in part.

    His blanket characterization of how he was treated by discussants here also overlooks the fact that I have always been civil with him, never called him a name or anything like that, or even indulged in sarcasm directed at him, and my posts have tried to respond point-by-point to his arguments and claims, showing the problems in his reasoning and errors of fact.

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    Don't believe everything you hear! 3rdW is able to post as much as scholar does - he simply chooses not to right now. Put the blame where it lies - with him, not with who gets restricted and why.

    Hi Ozziepost, I'm sorry, I took his word for it, for he said he wasn't able to post anymore. My post was just intended to show that his presence here is in some way helpfull. I'm currently an inactive JW and fairly new to the whole 587/607 debate. I understand that some find him annoying for not answering questions (truthfully), but I think his behaviour just shows how minds of JW's work. Some three years ago I was exactly the same, I defended everything, no matter how silly 'arguments' I had to use or how many solid arguments I had to put aside. I just defended everything, until I realized that some things can't be defended. Although I already no longer believed in 1914 I just now learned to a fuller degree how wrong the basis for this date is. I want to thank Alan and Leolaila and all others that made great contributions to the threads in question. Just recently I began to search the archives of this forum and they already posted so much on this subject. It's great that you guys will still make the effort to make it all a bit clearer. But also thanks to Scholar and Thirdwitness, because they are really the ones that are showing that 607 is a bunch of crap. And that's exactly why I posted my earlier message. Glad to see that 3W can still post here and thank you for pointing out that he's lying again. Effe


    There`s something very odd about this thread..Where`s the guy that likes to go,toe to toe with AlanF?..Where is 3rd Witness?..Was it time for him to fold up his tent,and beat his cammel`s ass back across the "Desert of Dunce?"..AlanF,you scared 3rd Witness.That boy`s gonna be traumatized for life..LOL!...OUTLAW

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    I was a JW for too many years to count, and I rarely if ever met any JW's at congregation level with the depth of 'knowledge' of ThirdWitness and his band of Musketeers. Those very few that I did know of were all working on projects for the WTS in some form or the other. I did this myself on occasion at the behest of the Branch. I was not a Bethelite during this time, worked from my local congregation, but my work was used by the WTS on occasion.

    This thread is not I believe, intended to commit to paranoia, it is merely exploring the possibilities that by ThirdWitness and associates visiting this Board they are making a concerted effort to turn the tide on the 607BCE debate, and appeal to the lurking JW's who read this board. And that they also might have the backing of their puppetmasters, rather than being completely in control of their own outpu.

    Not that it matters much, as while they are busy slapping themselves on the back and claiming victory they cannot see the water around their ankles and feel the sinking ship beneath them. Anyone who can read can pierce their bluster with ease.


  • just2sheep

    could, would, should, maybe, perhaps, might be, seems to be, sounds like, appears to be, must be...don't you just love conspiracy theories?

  • belbab

    Let me post what I think is a little substance into this thread.

    Ray Franz wrote in A Search of Christian Freedom (1969) , I believe, that when he was writing about Bible Chronology for the Aid to Bible Understanding he sent an assistant to the New York Library to find support for the date of 607 BCE date for the destruction of Jerusalem, the assistant came back and said there was nothing, nada, that would support the WT claim that 607 BCE is a pivotal date. Then what did he do? He belittled and diminished all the chronology of archeology and other research, casting doubts on strong evidence and accentuating all the incertitudes in order to bolster the WT position regarding this date.

    Ray Franz was a member of the Governing Body. His cover up of the WT unsupportable chronology claims is still available today, in the Aid book.

    In 1988, the WT released the two volumes of Insight on the Scriptures which repeats the arguments on chronology almost verbatim that Ray Franz wrote in the Aid book.

    Did the Governing body change the deception regarding the date 607 BCE in the replacement of the Aid book? Is this substance enough for you?

    No, they are responsible for the continuance of false hood and deception down to this day. They are the ones who have granted certain hot shots a hunting license to spin-doctor, search and destroy anyone who contests and questions their authority.

    Which one of GB do I suspect? Go find the most recent picture of the GB that has been posted on this board. Who is the one, right in the middle of the picture, on the right side of TJ, looking neither to the right or left but rather straight out directly towards the viewer? Did he select this position on his own, or did others decide where each was to sit.? My long ago experience of this individual was posted on this board several years ago. The post has his name in the title.

    Belbab, of the we shall not forget class

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    the point is, frequently both scholar and thirdwitness purposely didn't answer posts, on one occasion i asked the same question over 4 times in a topic and its clearly there. they've done this with other posters too OR they've decided to ignore points, or run with a certain part of a post while pretending it means something it doesn't, this isn't truth - its pathetic.

    personally, i think i'm going to do my best to leave them alone and their threads - if we don't answer/argue they can't prove us right or wrong or frustrate us. any person with a brain will be able to see their points have been refuted.

    these people claim to be Christians, they are in a cult and i pity them and their position. while i live my life to the full and i can say, i am truthfully happy they have nothing to look forward to, daily they fool themselves that they are God's chosen ones...riiiiiiight suuuuuure...

    each member here, AlanF and other intelligent posters have my respect and i think he has a point - Scholar and thirdwitness wouldn't dare get so heavy into proving 607/UN/Child Abuse policy unless they had 'permission'.

    JWD is a great site, and the longer we let their nonsense get to us (yes its got me angry and i've said things i'd like to take back) the more damage we cause, and the more people lose out on getting free.

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