Would You Stop Going To Mel Gibson Movies???

by minimus 60 Replies latest jw friends

  • minimus

    I wouldn't. I don't care too much for Spike Lee but I like some of his movies.....I just think Mel needs some help.

  • SixofNine

    I've decided to see his movies, but sneak in a pastrami on rye and a kosher dill. But certainly no baklava, that would only send Gibson a mixed messege at best, validation at worst. Also, Panera Bread doesn't serve baklava.

  • lovelylil

    No, the guy is an alchoholic and I feel sorry for him. I have alchoholics in my family and I know when they are drunk they really do not know what they are saying. The can become totally different people. Anyway, I love Mel and always will. Lilly

  • mkr32208

    Sure, it's not like he's tom cruise or something!

  • bem

    If we held what a guy says and does and after he's had a few too many to drink and hated him for it afterwards, we'd be holding a lot of grudges & there'd be a whole lot of hating going on. So yes I will continue to watch Mel. If the passion of the christ wasn't enough to make me stop watching him a human weakness and a moment of stupidity sure isn't going to!

    Sure, it's not like he's tom cruise or something!

    hehe I agree with you here

  • Satanus

    No. In his weakened, drunken state, he is just reacting to the bad experiences he suffered recently at the hands the jews who run hollywood, because of his movie about jesus.


  • candidlynuts

    goodness !

    if i worried about actors/directors politics, bigotries and bad habits i'd not see any movies!

    i'll watch mel if its a movie i want to see.

  • tijkmo
    If we held what a guy says and does and after he's had a few too many to drink

    hmmm surely drink loosens the inhibitions so that people say and do things that they would want to do when sober but dont have the courage..tom cruise just doesnt need to be drunk to do it..nor me...either way i dont see what relevance it has to movie going..surely that activity is satisfied by the criteria of a good story and good acting..something both mel and tom have for the most part excelled in

  • katiekitten

    News flash "one wacko self delusional gob shite in hollywood, with a handy excuse in a drink problem".

    We could be talking about anyone!

    Well, I agree with Tij, people just say drunk what they dont have the courage to say sober. If Mel chooses to slag off jews in a jewlovin' country he needs to understand the concept of 'consequences'.

    I wouldnt stop seeing his movies, but then im not sure I ever started. I hate his monkey chops that are supposed to be an excuse for masculine irresistability.

  • Finally-Free

    If I shunned everyone who offended me, disagreed with me, or annoyed me I'd be shunning the entire human race, myself included.


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